February 25th, 2012

Learn High Power Techniques and T2K Handling with Tubb DVDs

David Tubb’s impressive 2-disc DVD, “The Art & Technique of the Modern Match Rifle”, is a great resource for any position shooter. This 2-disc DVD provides over 4.5 hours of instruction and shooting demonstrations. We’ve watched the entire video and can assure you that it is excellent. Novice High Power and prone shooters who apply David’s methods should definitely improve their scores.

David has included highlights from that DVD in a shorter promo video. While the shorter video is a sales tool, it’s very informative in its own right. Watch the video and you’ll learn a great deal just by watching how David shoulders his rifle, and how he adjusts and maintains his shooting position. David shows examples of prone, sitting, and standing positions. In the short “trailer”, David also provides helpful tips on adjusting sights, and placing the spotting scope.

If you shoot Service Rifle, High Power, or prone, you can benefit from watching this short sampler video embedded above. The full 2-disc DVD is available for $49.95 from Creedmoor Sports or DavidTubb.com. With over 4.5 hours of content, the DVD covers all the across-the-course positions, the set-up and use of aperture sights and diopters, High Power and long range targets, the approach method in offhand, proper placement and use of spotting scopes. The DVD includes bonus footage of David shooting strings in all of the across-the-course positions. (NOTE: Creedmoor Sports is running a February DVD Special for a few more days — Buy two (2) DVDs and get a third for 10% off.)

$24.95 DVD Shows How to Set-Up and Maintain Tubb 2000 Rifle
If you want a High Power match rifle that works brilliantly for all positions, definitely consider the Tubb 2000, aka the T2K. Yes it’s very expensive, but since the year 2000, when the T2K was introduced, this design has won more High Power National Championships than any other bolt-action rifle. The video below showcases features of the T2K that allow it to perform so well in all High Power disciplines. With the T2K’s inline, low-profile action, the shooter can cycle the bolt without raising his head off the stock. That’s a huge benefit for the competitor, particularly in rapid-fire stage. Other tubeguns, such those built on Eliseo (CSS) chassis kits, share this quality, but the T2K also has an extremely easy-to-manipulate bolt (and a superb Ansch├╝tz trigger). Watch how quickly and easily David can cycle his T2K without upsetting his shooting position.

David has created an informative DVD about the Tubb 2000 rifle that shows how to assemble/disassemble the Tubb 2000 rifle, how to custom-fit the T2K to the shooter, and how to set up the adjustable buttstock for different shooting positions. This Tubb 2000 (T2K) DVD is available for $24.95 from DavidTubb.com.