February 9th, 2012

New Long-Range Shooting DVD Featuring Darrell Holland

Holland AGI long range DVDThe American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) has released a new Precision Long Range Shooting DVD. For what it’s worth, AGI guarantees this DVD can increase the hunter or tactical shooter’s accuracy by 37%. We’re skeptical of course, but that’s AGI’s claim. The DVD features gunsmith and long-range shooting expert Darrell Holland who narrates a multi-step course of instruction.

The DVD starts off with hardware — rifle, cartridges, and bullets. Next, ranging and equipment calibration are covered, followed by a discussion of optics and range finders. Shooting techniques are covered from the point of view of both the hunter and tactical shooter. Holland gives tips for bench and field shooting positions. Darrell also demonstrates field-expedient shooting techniques and accessories for optimum accuracy.

The DVD includes filmed demonstrations of precision shooting out to 600 yards. Developed exclusively for AGI customers, this DVD includes a set of tables for calculating aiming points for long-range shots. The AGI Secrets of Precision Long Range Shooting DVD is available at www.americangunsmith.com for $39.95 (Product ID# 322DVD).

Editor: This video is brand new, so we haven’t had a chance to preview it yet. Honestly, we don’t know whether it is worth the money. You probably can learn more in our own Shooters’ Forum for FREE. But there are few video/DVD resources for precision long-range shooting, so we thought this release was worth mentioning. Darrell Holland, the DVD’s featured expert, is a talented gunsmith, who runs highly regarded shooting clinics for long-range hunters. Darrell’s advice is probably going to be sensible and useful. Whether his coaching can actually increase a shooter’s accuracy 37% is for viewers to decide for themselves.

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