April 20th, 2012

Terry Balding Wins NBRSA 600-Yard Nationals with Schatz Second

NBRSA 600 yard Nationals SacramentoThe NBRSA 600-Yard Nationals were held April 18-19, 2012 at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center in Sloughhouse, CA. Among the nearly 40 com-petitors, Forum Member Terry Balding (aka Terry) was the big winner, taking home the Overall Two-Gun Title with strong performances in both Light Gun and Heavy Gun divisions. In both classes, Terry shot his 6mm Dasher Light Gun. Terry finished with 19 rank points, and former NBRSA 600-yard Champion Richard Schatz was not far behind with 24 rank points.

Richard, as you’d expect, also shot a Dasher in both classes. Schatz apparently was at no disadvantage using his Dasher Light Gun in the Heavy Gun phase — Richard set a new NBRSA 10-shot Heavy Gun Record with a 1.769″ ten-shot group, and Schatz also posted HG single-target high score for the match, a 99-8X. Both Terry and Richard plan to shoot their Dasher Light Guns in both LG and HG classes at the NBRSA 1000-yard Nationals which continue this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) in Sacramento.

NBRSA 600 yard Nationals Sacramento

We’re delighted to see Terry Balding win this major Championship. He has worked very hard on his game and has steadily climbed the ranks. He’s a deserving new Champion. Along with his overall win, Terry posted the best 6-target LG score: a 284-5X (plus tie-breaker group). When confirmed this will be a new NBRSA 6-target LG record. Terry told us he shot fast to stay in the non-dominant left to right condition. In both LG and HG relays, Balding waited for the L to R to appear, then he shot fast. Terry’s 6mm Dasher, smithed by Lester Bruno, features a multi-flat BAT dual-port action, March 10-60x52mm scope with PECA Amber filter, McMillan MBR stock, and 28″ Krieger 1:8″ twist, 0.237″-land barrel. Terry told us this barrel shot great “right from the start”, and his Dasher has performed very well in the last five matches, so he wasn’t surprised it did so well in Sacramento.

Berger 105gr Hybrids, Varget, and Brass Annealed After Every Firing
Terry’s match-winning load consisted of Berger 105gr Hybrids “pointed slightly with a Whidden Pointer”, pushed by Varget powder and CCI 450 primers at 3030 fps. Terry seats his 105s very slightly into the lands. As is becoming the fashion with many top shooters, Terry anneals his brass (with a Ken Light annealer) after every firing. Terry believes this helps him maintain “very consistent neck tension”.

Terry wanted to give credit to his friend Richard Schatz, who “has been a great help for a number of years”. Terry, who hails from Wisconsin, also wanted to mention that his home club, the Columbus Sportsmans Association, is constructing a new 600-yard benchrest range in Columbus Wisconsin. Terry invites his fellow shooters to visit the new range when it is complete, hopefully by August of this year.

Schatz Sets New Heavy Gun Group Record While Finishing Second Overall
Our friend Richard Schatz performed well, shooting his trusty 6mm Dasher. There was a bit of a change this time around — Richard was pushing his 2006-vintage 107gr SMKs with Varget powder, rather than Reloder 15, which he has used in the past. Richard explained that his lastest barrel seems to prefer the Hodgdon Varget. Richard joked: “After so many years using RL15, I felt like I was taking a new girl to the Prom”. Like his friend Terry Balding, Richard shot fast to stay in a condition: “I was running pretty much as fast as I could. By the time of the Heavy Gun relay, the gun had settled well into the bags, so it was returning to battery really well.” Richard definitely had his Dasher running well during the Heavy Gun phase, as he ended up setting a new NBRSA 10-shot Heavy Gun single target record. Shown below is Richard’s record target.

NBRSA 600 yard Nationals Sacramento

CLICK HERE to download NBRSA 600-Yard Nationals Results (PDF file)

Two Gun Overall Rankings
1. Terry Balding (National Champion) – 19
2. Richard Schatz – 24
3. Frank Vance – 30
4. Bill Johnston – 33
5. Rick Duncan – 36
6. Dan Robertson – 36
7. Peter White – 40
8. Dick Colyar – 48
9. Larry Kahle -53
10. Don Nielson – 56

Two Gun Score
1. Frank Vance — 822-12X
2. Terry Balding — 809-8X
3. Bill Johnston — 809-5X
4. Dan Robertson — 808-10X
5. Rick Duncan — 805-7X

Two Gun Group
1. Bill Johnston — 3.276
2. Richard Schatz — 3.517
3. Terry Balding — 3.586
4. Dick Colyar — 3.572
5. John Crawford – 3.764

Best Targets
Light Gun High Score: Terry Balding – 50-3X, 1.77″
Light Gun Small Group: Bob Dorton – 0.851, 46-0X
Heavy Gun High Score: Richard Schatz – 99-4X, 2.222
Heavy Gun Small Group: Richard Schatz – 1.759″ (10 shots), 88-0X (New NBRSA Record)

Thanks to Jerry Tierney for providing 600-yard match photos. Jerry will be shooting in the F-Class Benchrest match held April 20th in Sloughhouse.