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April 26th, 2012

With Open Class Win, Butler Secures First Multigun “Triple Crown”

Our friend Taran Butler recorded a major accomplishment at the 2012 USPSA MultiGun Nationals held April 11-15 in Las Vegas, NV. By winning the 2012 Open Class title, Taran became the first person in history to have won all three USPSA MultiGun divisions: Open, Tactical, and Limited. You can only shoot one division per year at the Nationals, so it’s impossible to hold all three class titles simultaneously. But no other USPSA shooters have won all three class titles over the course of their shooting careers. Not even “immotals” Jerry Miculek or Mike Voight, both multi-time Open-Class winners, have captured all three class championships. Before his Open Class win this year, Butler had previously captured the Tactical Division title four times, and he won the Limited Division back in 2003.

Taran Butler USPSA

Taran observed: “This has now become the biggest achievement in my shooting career, to finally be the first person in history to win all three divisions of the USPSA MultiGun Championships. I owe thanks to God, my sponsors, and awesome friends.”

Taran Butler USPSA

Watch Taran Butler in Action
The video below shows Taran accepting a trophy for his 2012 USPSA Open Class victory. Then, starting at the 0:46 mark, you can watch Taran run stages at the recent Nationals. You can see Taran used all three guns: pistol, semi-auto carbine, and shotgun.

In Las Vegas, Taran used the same .223 Rem AR Carbine he shoots in Tactical Division — however he added a second optic (for close targets) when running the gun in Open class. This way he can just tilt the rifle to switch magnification levels to suit the target distance. Taran explains: “Here’s the rifle I used to win the 2012 Open Class Nationals. It’s a custom AR that TTI built with parts from Vltor, LaRue, PRI, Surefire, Noveske, Trijicon, and JP. Its called the Taran Tactical Innovations 17″ Signature Series Rifle aka TTI-17SS. The optics I use are the Trijicon TR24R 1-4 power and the RMR. This is by far the fastest optic setup on the planet.”

Taran Butler AR Multi-gun

The pistol Taran used was an Infinity IMM with comp, shooting the standard 9mm Parabellum round. In the shotgun stages in Las Vegas, Taran used a mag-fed shotgun. The shotgun’s huge external magazines (two are sandwiched together) allow long strings with fewer reloads. However, Taran did suffer a major shotgun jam in one stage that cost him 18 seconds (watch video at 4:12 – 4:30). Amazingly, Taran shot a near perfect match after that to win the Open Title.

Overcoming Mistakes — And Staying Calm — Was Key to Victory
According to Taran, the shotgun jam marked a turning point in his match: “To win at this level, you can’t give up when disaster strikes — as it did with my shotgun in Stage 5. But I kept my cool and stayed focused. After that I really shot the match about the best I could and I didn’t try to rush, which can cause more problem. A lot of shooters, when they encounter a big problem, they get discouraged and just give up. Or, they try to shoot really fast to make up time, and then they usually make even bigger mistakes.”

USPSA MultiGun Class Basics:

  • Open Class: “Anything goes” in the Open Class. Rifles may have multiple sighting systems including any kind of optics. Pistols may be fitted with comps, optical sights, and very large extended magazines.
  • Tactical Class: This is the most popular USPSA MultiGun class currently. Rifles may have ONE (1) optic, plus back-up irons. Pistols are usually tweaked factory guns with upgraded iron sights and triggers. However muzzle brakes, comps, and Red dot or other optics are not allowed on the pistols. Taran says: “The Tactical Division is #1 in attendance. The hardware is similar to what actual operators would use — ARs with a single optic, and normal-looking pistols with conventional sights.”
  • Limited Class: The Limited Class restricts rifles and pistols to iron sights (or a non-magnified red dot on the rifle only). This class has seen declining participation in recent years.
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April 26th, 2012

Bank of America vs. McMillan Conflict Draws National Attention

Kelly McMillan Group McMillan firearmsLast week, we reported that Bank of America (BofA) had told McMillan Group International (McMillan) to find a different business banking provider. The Daily Bulletin was one of the first media sources to break the story — our report appeared a few hours after Kelly McMillan posted the details on McMillan’s facebook page. According to Kelly’s post, he had been visited by a BofA Sr. Vice President who, in essence, told McMillan to find another provider of banking services within six months. BofA’s stated reason for terminating its long-standing relationship with McMillan was that the family-run, Phoenix-based company now manufactures rifles (and not just fiberglass stocks).

Bank of AmericaBofA Action Provokes Criticism from Gun Owners
Over the past week, BofA been the focus of a torrent of criticism from gun owners and those who support Second Amendment freedoms. Bank of America (the recipient of $45 billion dollars in federal TARP bailout loans) responded with a notice saying that it does NOT have a corporate-wide policy preventing BofA from doing business with gun manufacturers. BofA pointed to its participation in a very large financing for the Freedom Group (which includes Remington and Bushmaster). Nonetheless, the BofA Sr. VP’s message enunciated to Kelly McMillan — i.e. find another bank within six months — has not been repudiated.

Major Media Pick Up Story — And Glenn Beck Sounds Off
Public interest in this story grows by the day. Major newspapers and media outlets are now running the story.The BofA/McMillan controversy was the focus of Glenn Beck’s April 24, 2012 radio show. Beck opined that BofA’s response was confusing at best — BofA may say that it has no written policy against doing business with gun manufacturers, but this does not prevent BofA’s executives or regional bank managers from denying lines of credit to gun-makers.

NRA Interviews Kelly McMillan
On April 23rd, NRA Radio host Cam Edwards interviewed Kelly McMillan via telephone. In the interview, Kelly provided more details of his recent interactions with Bank of America. Those interested in this controversy can listen to the full interview by clicking on the YouTube Video embedded below:

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April 26th, 2012

Good Fiction Book for Gun Guys: The Kennedy Rifle by JK Brandon

Forum member Jerry Brandon isn’t just an excellent craftsman of Ballistic Edge annealing machines. He’s also a skilled writer who has authored six fiction novels. Writing as “JK Brandon”, Jerry has penned a series of books that should appeal to anyone who likes a good thriller with plenty of gun-related action.

Read FREE Sample from The Kennedy Rifle

We recently had the pleasure of reading Jerry Brandon’s book The Kennedy Rifle from start to finish. It’s an entertaining page-turner, with a fast-paced plot, well-drawn characters, sharply-written dialog, and some fascinating insights into the Kennedy assassination, drawn from years of research by the author. Brandon hooks the reader with this intro: “What would happen if you suddenly gain possession of the very rifle that killed President John F. Kennedy? And it’s not a 6.5 Mannlicher Carcano…and it wasn’t the only gun used in the assassination…”

The book’s protagonist is Michael Cole, a firearms and ballistics expert based in Arizona. Brandon says the Cole character is a “cross between Massad Ayoob and Clint Smith”. Those who’ve read much contemporary fiction will also notice that Michael Cole shares some qualities of John D. MacDonald’s Travis McGee and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher — and that’s a good thing. This Editor has read most of the Travis McGee series of books by MacDonald, as well as many popular Elmore Leonard titles. I can tell you that Brandon writes very convincing dialog that fans of MacDonald and Leonard will appreciate.

In many “best-selling” crime novels and techno-thrillers, the actions of the central character are all-too-often implausible — and sometimes completely “over the top”. That ruins a story for me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read a current novel and the protagonist does something so completely stupid, irrational, or implausible, that the book loses its appeal. You won’t encounter that problem with Brandon’s Michael Cole. The Michael Cole character is not a gun-slinging cartoon. Cole makes plausible decisions that draw on a sophisticated understanding of how real guns work. You won’t find Cole “releasing the safety on his revolver” or shooting down an airplane with a flare gun. The Cole character has another quality missing from most of the current techno-thriller heros — humor. Cole has a clever, dry wit that gives the book another dimension (Rockford Files fans will enjoy the humor.)

Jerry JK Brandon Kennedy Rifle


CLICK “PLAY” to hear Jerry Brandon TALK about his new thriller, The Kennedy Rifle.

[haiku url=”″ title=”JK Brandon Re Kennedy Rifle”]

Kennedy Assasination Rifle Dealey PlazaIf you like the Bob Lee Swagger books by Stephen Hunter or the Jack Reacher books by Lee Child, you’ll enjoy The Kennedy Rifle by Jerry Brandon. And certainly if you have a serious interest in the Kennedy assassination, this book is a must read. Brandon’s book uncovers many of the puzzling facts left out of the Warren Report. Though The Kennedy Rifle is a work of fiction, it makes a convincing argument that important aspects of the Kennedy assassination were never revealed to the American public.

Overall, I can recommend the book highly. My only criticism is that I wish the book were longer. By the third chapter I was “hooked” and proceeded to race through the novel in a couple of late-night sessions. When I got to the finish I wished Brandon had added some more twists and turns, and perhaps a few more sections dedicated to ballistics. In paperback version, the book runs 206 pages, including an excerpt from The Steel Violin, another Michael Cole novel by Brandon. You can order both paperback and eBook versions of The Kennedy Rifle and The Steel Violin from Visit to learn more about the author and his Michael Cole novels.

ORDER: The Kennedy Rifle (Kindle eBook) | ORDER: The Kennedy Rifle (Print, Paperback)

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