July 7th, 2012

Hot Deal on Once-Fired Brass at Powder Valley

Here’s your chance to get your hands on quality, major-brandname brass for half price or better. Powder Valley Inc. (PVI) now has once-fired brass from factory ammo shot on police ranges. Bryan at Powder Valley reports: “We have obtained a good amount of rifle brass for a fantastic price. This brass came straight off a police rifle range. We believe the brass to be 95% one-time fired as most all of the ammunition used was new production. It is one steal of a deal about half the price of new. We have sorted it according to headstamp. At these prices it won’t last long.” Cartridge types available are .243 Winchester, .270 Winchester, 30-30 Win, and .30-06. Choose from Federal, Remington, or Winchester head-stamps. Or, save a couple bucks with a “mixed headstamp” order. To Order, go to the PVI website and click on the “Specials” Tab at the top left. Prices range from $18.00/100 for the 30-30 brass to $26.50/100 for .30-06 brass:

Powder Valley Inc., Range Brass

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