February 6th, 2013

Savage CEO Ron Coburn Announces Retirement

Having led one of the most remarkable turnarounds in the outdoor industry, Ron Coburn is stepping down as Chairman and CEO of Savage Sports Corporation. Ron’s retirement follows a 25-year tenure as CEO where he led the Company out of insolvency to the Company’s current position as one of America’s top rifle makers. Coburn took the helm of Savage in 1988 shortly after the Company filed for bankruptcy protection and Coburn guided Savage’s subsequent rise to market leadership.

Ron Coburn Savage CEO

“Everybody wants to go out on top,” Coburn said. “We’ve had many years of strong, sustained growth, and it seems like every year has been a new record year for Savage. The business has never been better positioned for the future. I’m turning 65 this year; the time is right for a transition.”

Coburn’s retirement has been in process for several years, as he has slowly delegated the day-to-day leadership to the Company’s management team. “Some people say that Ron Coburn rebuilt Savage Arms. That’s not true. I helped build a team and together we rebuilt Savage Arms,” Coburn stated. “The management team is still in place, and Savage is in very good shape with a very, very bright future.” Coburn will maintain a substantial personal financial stake in the company: “I may be moving out, but my money is staying. I can’t think of a better place to invest right now.”

Coburn Shoots What He Sells
You have to love a gun company CEO who actually gets behind the trigger. In this “behind the scenes” video made during the filming of a Savage Arms commercial in Utah, Team Savage Captain Stan Pate guides Ron Coburn in the use of the Savage Palma rifle chambered in .308 Winchester. Ron successfully hits targets at 1200 yards. Ron comes away smiling, as do members of the film crew who get “trigger time” at the end of the video. We love Stan Pate’s closing line. With a big grin, he says that the Savage rifle’s accuracy makes long-range shooting “So easy — even the Boss can do it“.

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