April 11th, 2012

Long-Range Accuracy “So Easy — Even the Boss Can Do It”

You have to love a gun company CEO who actually gets behind the trigger. In this “behind the scenes” video made during the filming of a Savage Arms commercial in Utah, Team Savage Captain Stan Pate guides Savage CEO Ron Coburn in the use of the Savage Palma rifle chambered in .308 Winchester. Despite the somewhat wobbly shooting platform, Ron successfully hits targets at 1200 yards. Ron comes away smiling, as do members of the film crew who get “trigger time” at the end of the video.

The video has a very positive vibe and does a great job illustrating why it’s fun to shoot accurate rifles at long range. Hat’s off to Savage for putting its CEO behind the trigger. We love Stan Pate’s closing line. With a big grin, he says that the Savage rifle’s accuracy makes long-range shooting “So easy — even the Boss can do it“.

Ron Coburn Savage CEO

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