May 11th, 2013

Amazing! Wagner Shoots 0.349″ (50-2X) Group at 600 Yards

Rodney Wagner 0.349 IBS Light Gun RecordThis is one of the most amazing feats of precision shooting ever recorded. In an IBS 600-yard Benchrest match today at the Piedmont range (Rutherfordton, NC), Forum member Rodney Wagner shot a 0.349″ five-shot group at 600 yards. That smashes the existing 0.699″ IBS Light Gun Record (and it’s way smaller than the NBRSA record as well). To top that, the group was centered up for a 50-2X score, which establishes another record (50 score with small-group tie-breaker). Rodney (aka “Eggman” on the Forum) was shooting a 17-lb IBS Light Gun with a Brux barrel chambered for the 6mm Dasher, a popular improved version of the 6mm BR Norma cartridge. Rodney was shooting 32.5 grains of Varget, with CCI 450 primers, and Berger 108gr BTs, seated .020″ away from the lands.

Stay tuned — we will have more information soon. Our friend Sam Hall was on hand to interview Rodney at the Piedmont range. Click “PLAY” button below to hear Rodney talk about his rifle and his load:

Rodney Wagner Talks about his 0.349″ 600-yard Group (Click PLAY to Hear Audio)

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Rodney Wagner 0.349 IBS Light Gun Record

Record-Breaking Family — Like Son, Like Father
Here’s an interesting factoid: In 2008, Rodney’s teen-age son set the IBS 600-yard Light Gun record with a .711″ five-shot group, combined with an Aggregate of 1.628″. That Agg was itself an IBS record (until Chad Jenkins recorded an 1.5009″ Agg in 2012). Rodney’s son was shooting a 6BRX. The 600-yard group record was then lowered by Rodney’s friend Sam Hall, who shot a 0.699″ group in 2010. Sam also set the current 600-yard LG score record with a perfect 50, but that should be eclipsed by Rodney’s 50 score based on tie-breaker by group size.

Look at that target and try not to be astonished! When this editor saw the group, I was honestly stunned and speechless. Consider this, one MOA at 600 yards is 6.282 inches. So Rodney’s 0.349″ group works out to 0.055 MOA. That’s what a mid-zero group at 600 yards looks like boys and girls….

Rodney Wagner 0.349 IBS Light Gun Record

Rodney Wagner 0.349 IBS Light Gun Record

  • Equipment: BAT Model B action (RBLP Rt Eject), Brux HV-contour barrel (29″), Jewell trigger, March 10-60x52mm (Tactical knobs, Burris Rings), Shehane ST1000 fiberglass Tracker stock.
  • Chambering: 6mm Dasher (.268″ Neck, .114″ Freebore, Necks turned to 0.265″)
  • Load: Lapua 6mmBR brass formed to 6mm Dasher, 32.5 grains Hodgdon Varget, CCI 450 Primers, Berger 108gr Boat-Tails seated .020″ away from lands (jumping).

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