May 1st, 2015

Amazing Rapid-Fire Skills Shown by SFC Brandon Green

SFC Brandon Green USAMU National High Power Champion

2013 High Power National Champion SFC Brandon Green is one of the nation’s best marksmen. Watch this video to see why. In this remarkable video, Brandon shows why he is tough to beat in rapid-fire. Using a Tubb 2000 bolt-action target rifle, Green displays amazing speed working the bolt and then immediately recapturing a rock-steady hold. Our reaction when viewing this video was: “Wow… this guy is beyond good.” We think you’ll agree. Anyone who has shot prone with sling should appreciate the remarkable skills which make Brandon one of the USAMU’s top shooters. Watching this man in action is like watching Michael Jordan in his prime. You’re seeing one of the very best ever…

SFC Brandon Green doing 300m Rapid Fire Prone Training with Tubb 2000:

NOTE: This video is hosted by Facebook, so it may take a bit of time to load.

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