May 25th, 2015 Takes Over as Distributor of March Scopes

march scope 15% off Shiraz Balolia

Starting June 1, 2015, will take over distribution of March Optics scopes in North America, replacing Kelbly’s. You will soon be able to order March scopes from, which now has exclusive March Scopes importing and distribution rights for the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America. For a limited time, will offer March scopes at 15% below regular list pricing. President Shiraz Balolia is excited about the March scope deal. He himself uses March scopes on his target rifles, and he knows their quality: “We are very fortunate to have been appointed to be the exclusive distributors for the American continent of a very high end scope line like March. I have been a user of March scopes almost since they were first offered. Many major matches have been won with them.”

march scope 15% off Shiraz Balolia

Special 15% Off Promotion will be offering buyers 15% off list price on March scopes for a limited time. Shiraz explains: “Since our stock has not arrived yet, we will be taking orders for these scopes effective immediately and will be shipping them in a few weeks as stock arrives. To that extent, we are offering a special introductory savings to all customers of 15% off our list price. Since we are working on a new web site, customers can email service [at] for the current price of the scopes. We hope to have all the scopes on the site in a few days.”

Shiraz Balolia shoots what he sells — here Shiraz shoots rifle equipped with March scope.
march scope 15% off Shiraz Balolia

Better Pricing By Eliminating Middleman
Shiraz tell us he plans to pass on savings to customers: “One of the main ways we are marketing these March Scopes is by going direct to the users and not through a dealer network. I really dislike MAP programs imposed by many of the scope companies. With the advent of internet search functions the value of dealerships in the optics business is minimal nowadays. I would like to start a trend, as I have in my other businesses successfully, by selling direct to the end user, at a lower price, thereby saving the customer money as well as increasing sales.” and March Scopes — Facts and Figures

  • has ordered inventory and will have some models in stock by the end of June. All popular models should be in stock by the end of August 2015.
  • will be stocking 60 different models and reticle styles of scopes — ready to ship the same day.
  • A new web site,, will have product information by the end of June.
  • A engineer is traveling to the March factory in Japan to get factory training on the servicing of the scopes. This will allow to provide improved technical support for North American customers.

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