May 6th, 2015

Extensive Review of Optics in Target Shooter Magazine

Robert Abrams Bipod Review

If you are considering purchasing a new optic for your favorite rifle, you should read a recent article by Robert Abrams that appears on the Target Shooter Magazine Website. Abrams, a Canadian shooter who runs the Blog, considers a wide spectrum of optics, from bargain-priced models to top-of-the-line scopes from Nightforce and Schmidt & Bender. In comparing optics, Abrams considers a variety of factors including: Optical Clarity, Controls Function, Cost, Reliability/Durability, and Warranty.


Robert Abrams Bipod Review

Abrams leads off with this invaluable bit of advice: “I have owned a lot of scopes and the reason I’ve owned so many is because, like most people, I made the mistake of ‘false economy’ — initially buying cheap scopes. Today, I firmly believe the old adage ‘only a rich man can afford cheap glass’ and thought it was about time that I shared some of my observations about a few of the optics choices out there.” To prove his point (that buying cheap glass is ‘false economy’) Abrams reviews the full spectrum of optics, from low-end to high-end:

Cheap Chinese Scopes – NcStar, Leapers etc.
Pricier Chinese/Asian Scopes – Falcon, BSA
Old Bushnell Elite Series (3200, 4200, 6500)
New Bushnell Legend HD Series scopes
New Bushnell Tactical Scopes

Sightron Siii Scopes
Vortex Mid/Upper Level Scopes (Viper PST)
Leupold Mk4 Scopes
Nightforce NXS and BR Scopes
Schmidt and Bender PMii

Another Product Comparison Feature by Robert Abrams
If you like the scope comparison article by Robert Abrams, head over to Robert’s website. There you’ll find some very good feature stories, including a comprehensive review of general purpose bipods. Robert’s Bipod Overview Article is a “must-read” for anyone who needs a general-purpose bipod for tactical games or hunting.

Robert Abrams Bipod Review

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