May 30th, 2015

World Record: Shotgunner Busts 3,653 Clays in One Hour

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Dave Miller, shotgun product manager for CZ-USA, recently set a Guinness World Record by hitting 3,653 clay targets in one hour. That’s one bird every 0.985 seconds for 60 minutes straight! Miller rotated through 30 shotguns, prepped by a team of assistants. In setting the new record at the first-ever Clays for Kids event, Miller raised more than $80,000 for Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever’s youth shooting programs.

Miller maintained an astonishing rate of sixty clays busted every minute. To achieve that rate of fire, Miller developed a special style of shooting, firing from the hip rather from the shoulder. He also had 24 helpers loading his arsenal of CZ semi-auto shotguns (which held up to 16 shells each). Miller told reporters: “I had 30 shotguns that I was using. There [were] 60 feet of tables with 5,000 shotgun shells on top of them. They would load them, and just pass them up here, I’d empty them and they’d go back in the assembly line”.

Watch Dave Miller practice his hip-shooting method in this preview video (at 0:20+”):

Representatives of the Guinness Book of World Records were on hand in Missouri to watch the effort. The record would only be certified if Miller could surpass the 3000 mark. Miller believed he could top that number by at least two hundred. In a practice session before the record attempt, Miller hit 3,157 birds. The task wasn’t easy by any means. Miller ended up with sore arms and bloodied hands. Outdoor Hub reports: “The challenge required more than just accuracy and speed. It also demanded sheer endurance. When the hour ended and Miller officially landed in the record books, the exhausted shooter took off his gloves and showed his bloody hands to the crowd.”

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