November 11th, 2015

Veterans Day Sales, Plus Special Offers for Military Personnel

Here are some special offers for Veterans Day. Along with these specials, Military personnel should check with their favorite online and “brick and mortar” retailers. In many cases active and reserve military can get special discounts in addition to the listed offers.

veterans day sale ammo ammunition — 100+ Deals for Active and Reserve Military
The website has a list of special discounts and offers for active and reserve military personnel. There are over 100 Veterans Day deals and discounts for those who register on the site.

veterans day sale precision reloading

Precision Reloading — $10-$50 Off Coupon Codes
Here are Coupons Codes good for up to $50.00 off orders with These codes, 11PR115, 11PR215, and 11PR315, are good through November 13, 2015. This vendor has a full selection of reloading tools and supplies, including hard-to-find Hodgdon powders.

veterans day sale ammo ammunition

Freedom Munitions — FREE Shipping on Ammo
Need ammo? Now through November 13, 2015, Freedom Munitions is offering FREE Shipping with all ammunition orders. This includes shotgun shells, rimfire ammo, most popular pistol calibers, and .223 Rem, .300 BLK, .308 Win, and .50 BMG rifle ammunition. Freedom specializes in factory-reloaded ammo make from once-fired brass.

veterans day sale ammo ammunition — Week One of Back in Black Specials
While not specifically for Veterans Day, Brownells launched its Three Weeks of Black Friday Promotion on November 9th. You can find good deals on AR Uppers, Front Rests, Reloading Gear, Barrels, Ammo and more. CLICK HERE for Week One of Brownells Specials.

veterans day sale ammo ammunition

Sears — 40% Off Appliances, and (for Military Personnel) 40% Off Tools
Sears is running a Veterans Day Sale that through November 14. Get 40% off Kenmore appliances, an extra 20 percent off select items, and up to 60% off mattresses, and an extra 20% off select items. NOTE: Active duty, reserve, and retired military personnel can save 40% off regular-priced tools and home appliances, an extra 10% off discounted tools.

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