April 12th, 2018

Finger-Painting to CNC Inletting — Inside Look at McMillan Stocks

McMillan Fiberglass stocks factory videosOK, admit it — you’ve always wondered how they get those color swirls and camo patterns in McMillan stocks. (You’ll be surprised at the answer). And how does McMillan manage to inlet stocks so precisely for so many different action types?

McMillan Stocks is one of the leading fiberglass stock producers, cranking out 8,000-10,000 stocks every year for hunters, target shooters, and members of the military. McMillan employs state-of-the-art, high-tech machinery. At the same time, many processes are still done by hand — such as applying colors to the stocks.

In the videos below, Kelly McMillan hosts Bob Beck of Extreme Outer Limits TV in a tour of the McMillan stock-making facility. We think all avid “gun guys” will be fascinated by these high-quality videos.

McMillan Custom Stock Production

The first video shows the stock-building operation from start to finish — You’ll see the lay-up, color application, molding, and “stuffing”. Watch carefully at 0:16 to see colors being applied.

McMillan Stock Inletting Video

The second video shows how CNC-controlled milling machines create ultra-precise inlets for a variety of barreled actions. McMillan has over 10,000 CNC programs based on different action sizes/shapes, floor-plate dimensions, barrel contours and other stock characteristics. Each program gives precise instructions to the automated, multi-tool milling machines.

McMillan Stock Bedding Video

The third video shows how a barreled action is bedded into a McMillan fiberglass stock. Home gunsmiths will want to watch this segment carefully — maybe more than once. There is a lot to learn.

Videos found by EdLongrange. We welcome reader submissions.

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