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March 9th, 2021

Accurate, Fast-Cycling Volquartsen .22 LR Summit Rifle

Volquartsen summit .22 LR rimfire 22LR straight pull biathlon toggle action 22Plinkster plinkster video

Ever shot a straight-pull (aka toggle-link) action rifle? We like these action types, which were developed for Biathlon competitors who needed to shoot fast, but were not allowed to use semi-auto actions. The biathlon-style toggle action features a lever on the side of the action. Pull the lever back with your index figure to open the bolt, then push forward with your finger to close the bolt*. It’s fast and efficient. With some practice, you can cycle the action in a couple of seconds — nearly as fast as a semi-auto.

Volquartsen summit .22 LR rimfire 22LR straight pull biathlon toggle action 22Plinkster plinkster video

The Volquartsen Summit .22 LR rifle is based on a concept originally developed by Primary Weapons Systems. Designed for both competition shooting as well as small game hunting, this unique rifle features a straight-pull, toggle-style action with a Ruger 10/22 profile. That means you can run 10/22 magazines, swap into stocks inletted for the 10/22, and even use after-market 10/22 barrels. The CNC-machined receiver features an integral 20 MOA Picatinny Rail. The Magpul stock adjusts for length of pull. Weight is 5.8 pounds, so this is easy to carry in the field.

The Summit features a lightweight carbon fiber-wrapped barrel, threaded 1/2×28 at the muzzle to be suppressor-ready. One of our favorite features on this little rifle is the trigger — which has a light, crisp 1.75-lb pull weight. Watch the video above to see the Summit .22 LR in action. The tester, 22 Plinkster, was impressed with the rifle’s ease of use and accuracy. The Summit delivered a 0.277″ group at 50 yards, shot from the bench.

Volquartsen summit .22 LR rimfire 22LR straight pull biathlon toggle action 22Plinkster plinkster video

Good Field Test of Summit Straight-Pull Rifle by Dustin Ellermann
Past Top Shot Champion Dustin Ellerman demonstrates the Summit’s impressive accuracy by hitting small candies at 50 yards (06:13 start/06:55 impact). In rapid-fire drills, Dustin also shows the ease and speed with which the Summit action can be cycled.

* Biathlon shooters cycle their Fortner toggle actions even faster, using their THUMB to close the bolt. This allows them to get the index finger on to the trigger blade faster. The whole process takes maybe a second — as fast as you can say “snick-snick”. To use the thumb effectively, you need a stock with a more vertical pistol grip. The Magpul stock on the Summit moves your thumb a bit too far back to use comfortably to close the lever without shifting the hand.

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March 9th, 2021

Handy Shim Sets for Sizing Dies — Quickly Adjust Shoulder Bump

Sinclair Die Shims

When your cases become hard to extract, or you feel a stiff bolt lift when removing a cartridge, it’s probably time to full-length size your cases, and “bump” the shoulder back. Short-range benchrest shooters, running high pressures, typically full-length size every load cycle, bumping the shoulder .001-.002″. The vast majority of mid-range and long-range F-Class shooters also full-length size every time. High Power shooters with gas guns should definitely full-length size every time, and may need to bump the shoulders .003″ or more to ensure reliable feeding and extraction.

Use Shims for Precise Control of Shoulder Bump
Some shooters like to set the “default” position for their full-length die to have an “ample” .003″ or .004″ shoulder bump. When they need less bump, a simple way to reduce the amount of shoulder movement is to use precision shims in .001″ (one-thousandth) increments. Brownells offers a set of seven (7) shims for your standard 7/8-14 FL sizing dies for $14.99. These Sinclair Int’l shims are Brownells Item 749-001-325WB. They may be out of stock, but they can be back-ordered.

Sinclair explains: “Each shim is notched for easy size identification. Just set your die using one of the middle thickness shims. Adjustments can be made easily by changing shims to increase or decrease die depth without changing the stem setting. This is a great upgrade for non-micrometer adjustable dies.”

Here are reports from Forum members who use the shims:

“Great product. I have my die lock ring(s) adjusted for the shortest headspace length on my multiple 6BRs and 6PPCs. When needing a longer headspace, I just refer to my notes and add the appropriate shim under the lock ring. Keep it simple.” — F.D. Shuster

Mats Johansson writes: “I’ve been using [shims] since Skip Otto (of BR fame) came out with them. I set up my dies with the .006″ shim, giving me the option of bumping the shoulder a bit more when the brass gets old and hardens while still having room to adjust up for zero headspace, should I have missed the original setup by a thou or two. Hunting rounds can easily be bumped an extra .002-.003″ for positive, no-crush feeding. Being a safety-oriented cheapskate, I couldn’t live without them — they let me reload my cases a gazillion times without dangerous web-stretching. Shims are a must-have, as simple as that.” — Mats Johansson

Sinclair Die ShimsBrownells offers the seven-piece set of Sizing Die Shims that let you adjust the height of your die (and thereby the amount of bump and sizing) in precise .001″ increments. Sinclair explains: “Some handloaders will set their die up to achieve maximum sizing and then progressively use Sinclair Die Shims between the lock ring and the press head to move the die away from the shellholder. Doing this allows you to leave the lock ring in the same position. These shims are usually available in increments of .001″ and work very well.”

Seven Shims from .003″ to .010″
For use with 7/8-14 threaded dies, Sinclair’s $14.99 Die Shim Kit (Sinclair item 22400 or Brownells Code 749-001-325WB) includes seven shims in thicknesses of .003, .004, .005, .006, .007, .008, and .010. For ease of use, shim thickness is indicated by the number of notches cut in the outer edge of each shim. Even without looking you can “count” the notches by feel.

NOTE: These shim sets can also be use to adjust bullet seating depth for seating dies that lack micrometer adjustment. Use the same 7/8-14 shims with your non-micrometer seating dies.

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March 9th, 2021

$7000 Guns & Gear Giveaway Contest This Month

Giveaway contest defense AR15 free ammo self-defense spring

Are you feeling lucky? We’ll here is a big Giveaway Contest with over $7000.00 in guns and gear to be awarded. From now through March 31, 2021 Guns & Gadgets Daily is offering a $7K dream prize package. CLICK HERE to ENTER.

At the center of the Self-Defense Spring $7K Guns & Gear Giveaway are two popular defensive firearms: the Daniel Defense DDM PDW chambered in .300 Blackout, and the Magnum Research Baby Eagle III. The prize package also includes 1,000 rounds of GunPrime PMC 124 gr FMJ 9mm Luger Ammo. Other prizes include the the Viridian HS1 Hand Stop laser, WeKnife Minax folding knife, AR 500 body armor, AXIL hearing protection, and Action Target spinning steel targets. There is also $500 Gift Card for CrossBreed leather holsters, plus a $250 gift card from XDMAN. Finally the contest winner gets a Gold membership to the Personal Defense Network.

Giveaway contest defense AR15 free ammo self-defense spring

CLICK HERE to Enter $7K Guns & Gear Giveaway »

COMPLETE Listing of Contest Prize Package Items:

1. Daniel Defense DDM4® PDW (300 Blackout) valued at $1940.00:
2. Magnum Research Baby Eagle III, Semi-Compact Size Carbon Steel valued at $691.00

3. GunPrime PMC 124 gr FMJ 9mm Luger Ammo 1,000 rds valued at $1145.00
4. Viridian Weapon Technologies HS1 Laser Hand Stop valued at $179.00
5. WeKnife 2007C-Minax Folding Knife valued at $309.95
6. Axil GS Digital 2 earbuds valued at $799.00
7. Action Target PT Dueling Tree (Heavy Duty) valued at $519.00
8. AR500 Armor AR Invictus™ Bundle valued at $487.00
9. PDN Personal Defense 9-DVD Set + Concealed Carry Box Set Valued at $129.99
10. CrossBreed® Holsters Gift Card valued at $500.00
11. Gift Card (Valid only at valued at $250.00
12. Personal Defense Network (PDN) Gold Membership valued at $124.00

NOTE: If you enter the contest, the contest sponsors will capture your contact information. Remember that the actual chances to win are very small. But if you want to take the chance, that’s up to you.

Giveaway contest defense AR15 free ammo self-defense spring

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