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March 14th, 2021

Sunday GunDay: Vudoo Gunworks 17 Mach 2 (.17 HM2)

vuduoo gun works .22 LR rimfire .17 HM2 17 Mach 2 hornady

Vudoo Gun Works now offers V-22 action rifles chambered for the 17 Hornady Mach 2 (aka 17 HM2) rimfire cartridge. The 17 Mach 2 runs 2010-2100 FPS, making it much more potent than the .22 LR for varminting. Along with the added speed, the 17 Mach 2 is also much flatter shooting than the .22 LR, making it more fun to use past 150 yards. When you want to go back to the .22 LR for paper punching at 50-100 yards, simply spin on a .22 LR barrel, and use the same action and same magazines. So, you can have one rimfire rifle that shoots two rimfire cartridge types. That’s smart.

Because the 17 Mach 2 shares similar OAL and cartridge diameter/rim sizes as the venerable .22 LR, the 17 HM2 runs perfectly in actions and magazines designed for the .22 LR. Vudoo says: “The dimensional similarities of traditional .22 LR, which the V-22 action has been designed around, made the 17 HM2 a natural performer in our rifles. The addition of the 17 HM2 gives our customers access to a wide range of high-velocity projectiles to better suit a variety of sporting applications.”

Vudoo Gun Works currently offers a variety of rifles chambered in 17 Mach 2. The Ravage Ridgeback model (top photo) has a composite stock with adjustable cheekpiece. There is also a Ravage Renegade (shown below). For those who prefer a metal chassis, Vudoo offers its V-22 barreled action in the MPA alloy chassis. Vudoo has lighter, “walk-around stocks” and barrel profiles for hunters, and we like the Apparition model with the KRG Bravo Chassis. All Vudoo 17 HM2 models use the V-22 action. Multi-shot models employ Vudoo .22 LR magazines.

vudoo gun works .22 LR rimfire .17 HM2 17 Mach 2 hornady rifle Ravage Ridgeback Renegade

Which Voodoo 17 Mach 2 to Buy?
We see the 17 HM2 round primarily as a varmint cartridge, secondarily as a fun-shooting round for steel and reactive targets. As yet it is not really for competition because there is no organized .17 Caliber rimfire League, and the 17 Mach 2 is not allowed for rimfire silhouette. That may change and the Mach 2 might be allowed in some local range fun matches, but it’s not really a competition cartridge.

That said, it is a great round for small critters such as ground squirrels. Accordingly, we recommend a Vudoo option that has a conventional stock that can work with both bipod or front rest, used in the field off bipod or shot from a portable bench or tripod. You’ll want a magazine-fed rig to allow quick follow-up shots on critters.

vudoo gun works .22 LR rimfire .17 HM2 17 Mach 2 hornady rifle Ravage Ridgeback Renegade

For this we recommend the Ravage in the Renegade stock for $2295.00. This has a fairly straight buttstock toe in the rear so it works well with a rear bag. There are seven (7) different stock finishes available. If you want an adjustable cheekpiece and forearm rails you can get the Ravage in the Ridgeback stock for $300 more ($2595.00). Vudoo call this “A purpose-built competition/target rifle with an impressive list of options.” All Ravage Models promise sub-MOA accuracy. You can probably beat that with the best lots of 17 Mach 2 ammo.

Vudoo V-22 17 Mach 2 Rifle Features
Short action Remington 700 footprint
Magazines fit std AICS-form bottom metal
Large selection of aftermarket triggers
Large selection of aftermarket stocks
17 HM2 converts to .22 LR with bbl swap
Vudoo Rimfire Rifle Specs
Action: V-22, Patented Vudoo Rimfire repeater action with control-round-feed
Chamber Options: .17 HM2, .17 HMR, .22 LR, .22 WMR
Barrel: 416R stainless, cut-rifled, Vudoo chamber, 16.5″, 18″, 20″, or 22″, Kukri contour
Trigger: Timney 510v2 preset at 2 lbs. (Upgradable to other Timney, Trigger Tech, or Huber at add’l cost)

Because the 17 Mach 2 fits .22 LR magazines and has the same OAL and rim size, it can be shot from a Vudoo .22 LR action. Just spin on a 17 HM2-chambered barrel, get some ammo, and you are good to go. WARNING: Never shoot a .22 LR in a 17-caliber barrel.

About the 17 Mach 2 (17 HM2 Cartridge)

The 17 Mach 2 was developed by Hornady and ELEY in 2004 to give varmint hunters a high-velocity rimfire cartridge that fits in standard rimfire-length actions. With a selection of V-MAX or NTX bullets, the 17 HM2 is capable of taking ground squirrels and prairie dogs at ranges of up to 220 yards. We like this cartridge because 17 HM2 ammo has historically been 35% less expensive than 17 HMR ammo. And with the current shortages, we’ve seen 17 Mach 2 at HALF the price of 17 HMR ($11/box vs. $22/box). When you’re shooting hundreds of rounds a day in the varmint fields, that price savings adds up.

vudoo gun works .22 LR rimfire .17 HM2 17 Mach 2 hornady rifle Ravage Ridgeback Renegade

What Kind of Accuracy Can You Expect?
Vudoo .22 LR rifles have shown exceptional rimfire accuracy. Accordingly we believe the 17 Mach 2 versions should be impressive. But frankly, the limit will be the ammo. You may want to sort through each box and check for run-out and COAL. With Hornady 17 HM2 ammo, we usually find 2-4 rounds per 50-ct box with short-seated bullets or very high bullet run-out. You can sometimes actually see the bullet tilted off-axis. Use those for foulers or short range. built a 17 Mach 2 benchrest rifle some years ago with a match barrel, custom action, and wide-forearm benchrest stock. We saw many 5-shot groups in the 0.7″ range at ONE HUNDRED yards with early ELEY-made 17 Mach 2 ammo. Yes, 0.7 MOA at 100. The current Hornady ammo is not as consistent. We’ve heard good things about the CCI VNT 17 HM2 ammunition introduced in 2019, but we haven’t tested it yet.

vuduoo gun works .22 LR rimfire .17 HM2 17 Mach 2 hornady

Yes 17 Mach 2 Ammo IS Available Right Now
Readers may be asking “Can I actually get 17 Mach 2 ammo right now?” The answer is a definite “YES”. While popular centerfire ammo is hard to find, and many types of .22 LR ammo is out of stock, we found 17 HM2 ammo in stock right now at many vendors. Here are some examples in stock on 3/14/2021:

CCI VNT 17grat Sportsman’s Warehouse: $8.99/50 rds
CCI V-Max 17gr at Cabela’s: $9.99/50 rds (availability varies by store)
Hornady NTX 15.5gr at Precision Reloading: $11.21/50 rds
Hornady Varmint Xpress V-Max 17gr at MidwayUSA: $11.66/50 rds (300 rd pack)
Hornady NTX 15.5gr at Midsouth Shooters: $13.38/50 rds

One Rimfire Rifle Can Shoot Two Calibers — .17 and .22

vudoo gun works .22 LR rimfire .17 HM2 17 Mach 2 hornady
Here is the Vudoo V-22 action in an MPA chassis. You can have one .22 LR barrel for NRL22 Matches and another 17 HM2 barrel for varminting. Best of both worlds. Both cartridge types will run from the same magazine, with no modifications required other than a barrel swap. WARNING: Never shoot a .22 LR through a .17-Caliber barrel!

About the Vudoo V-22 Action — Important Design Features

The Vudoo V-22 action resembles a Remington 40X action at first glance. However, there are many key differences. Vudoo’s engineers explain: “First off, the V-22 departs from the 40X in that the 40X was a full-size, centerfire receiver converted to handle the diminutive .22 LR cartridge. The V-22 has been designed from the ground up as a true-to-scale Rimfire receiver that fits the Rem 700 footprint as far as stocks and chassis systems go. The V-22 also runs a full size short action bottom metal (DBM) and our V-2210 magazine has an AICS form factor so it pops right in Chassis’ or other DBM’s made for such.

V-22 Actions Boast Controlled-Round Feeding
Vudoo’s V-22 action has a unique control-round-feed design. The bolt fully controls the rimfire cartridge from the time it leaves the magazine until it ejects the spent round out the ejection port. The significance of that is two-fold. Great feed and extraction reliability and…equally as important, the cartridge is controlled in a way that it never touches anything on its entrance into the bore. There is no feed ramp, nor does the projectile go in at an angle that might damage it in any way. Potential bullet damage is avoided through the V-22’s smart design.

17 Mach 2 — Best Rimfire Varmint Bang for the Buck?
If you are looking for a capable, squirrel-busting round or a fun plinking round, you should definitely consider the 17 Mach 2, especially since CCI has committed to production of the little cartridge. CCI now offers its “Gen 2″ 17 Mach 2 VNT Ammo. This features a Speer bullet with a very thin jacket and yellow polymer tip. G1 BC is 0.125 with 2010 FPS muzzle Velocity. CCI claims “explosive terminal performance” on small varmints.

Considering that 17 HMR ammo is typically running $17 to $22 a box (when you can find it), the 17 Mach 2 is an excellent value by comparison. It is available right now for $8.99 per 50ct box at Sportsman’s Warehouse. That’s just $0.18 per round. Other vendors have 17 Mach 2 in stock now for $10-$12/box.

When you consider overall “bang for the buck”, for many shooters, it makes sense to use the 17 Mach 2 rather than a 17 HMR or 17 WSM. You save money, barrel life is a little longer, and the 17 Mach 2 is still a much more potent cartridge than the .22 LR. Check out this comparison, and note how the 17 Mach 2 has a much flatter trajectory than the .22 LR. For small varmint shooting, we think the 17 Mach 2 is clearly the better choice.

17 Mach 2 hm2 .22 LR comparison
Hornady’s 17 Mach 2 has a 2100 FPS muzzle velocity vs. 1255 FPS for “High-Velocity” .22 LR.

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March 14th, 2021

Create Custom Shooting Targets with Free Target Generator

Target PDF Generator Free Bullesye Benchrest

Are you a do-it-yourself kind of guy with a creative eye? Then you’ll love the FREE Target Generator from the folks at This free, interactive webpage allows you to design a variety of fun targets, including grids, benchrest-type Score Shooting targets, sight-in targets, and even playing card targets. Choose the paper size and orientation (vertical or horizontal), then select the number of target elements on the page. For example, you could have four (4) bulls or 52 playing cards. Then click the Style TAB to choose your target style. Use the OPTIONS TAB to overlay a grid on the target, choose squares or diamonds, or include load information blocks. For bullseye targets, you can control the number, color, and spacing (diameter) of the rings. LINK to TARGET GENERATOR.

Click the TARGET STYLE TAB to select one of many target styles, including NBRSA Benchrest targets and 20+ types of NRA bullseye targets, scaled to distance:

NRA High Power
NRA Pistol
NRA Rimfire
Playing Cards
Load Test Blocks

Target PDF Generator Free Bullesye Benchrest

The program provides a preview of each target you generate. There are controls to choose border and fill colors. If you like a particular design, save the file, and then print as many targets as you want. Check it out, this program is fun and handy to use. Here are five (5) targets your Editor created just for this article. With a bit of practice, you can be generating your own custom targets in minutes. We just created the green diamonds grid target in 5 minutes this morning. Have fun!

Target PDF Generator Free Bullesye Benchrest

Target PDF Generator Free Bullesye Benchrest Target PDF Generator Free Bullesye Benchrest
Target PDF Generator Free Bullesye Benchrest Target PDF Generator Free Bullesye Benchrest

About the Creator of the Target Generator
The Target Generator program was created by Rod Brown of Sheridan, Wyoming. Rod tells us: “I build custom rifles and coach shooters. I’ve got a 100-yard range out my back door. I shoot short- and long-range benchrest competitively around the country. I’m a full-time software development consultant and an FFL holder. When I’m not developing custom software for my clients, I’m usually fiddling in the shop, building a custom benchrest rifle, traveling to a match, chambering a barrel, or reloading some ammunition.

Story tip from Boyd Allen. We welcome reader submissions.
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