March 8th, 2021

Building Your Own AR-15 from Components — How-To DVD

Here are the main tools you’ll need to assemble an AR-platform rifle

With the anti-gun agenda pushed by radical Democrats in Washington, many Americans are anxious to buy an AR-15, or put together an AR-platform rifle while it is still legal to do so. In Canada, the government ordered confiscation of AR-type modern sporting rifles, and both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris applauded that Executive Order. And Joe Biden recently called for a complete ban on semi-auto ARs and full-capacity magazines. With the prospect of radical gun control, we understand why many Americans are looking to buy, and/or build an AR-15. This article explains how.

If you ARE planning to put together an AR-platform rifle or want to upgrade your AR with a new barrel or trigger group, then you should check out the AR-15 Rifle Build DVD from our friends at This DVD covers all the details of a custom build, using high-resolution video sequences, and helpful supporting graphics.


In this DVD, Gavin Gear guides you through the entire process including selecting components, acquiring and using the necessary tools, assembly steps and details for each component, and even mounting a scope. Building an AR-15 can be overwhelming, but with the right guidance and help it’s not difficult and can be very rewarding. With this DVD you’ll be able to build your AR-15 with confidence.

Upper: Barrel / Gas Block / Gas Tube

Upper: Handguard Installation
AR-MPR-Build-5-Handguard’s AR-15 Build DVD is available just $9.90 (plus $3.80 shipping/handling). This DVD can pay for itself many times over by showing you how to do your own gunsmithing (and get quality AR components at attractive prices).

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