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May 10th, 2021

Rodzilla’s Impressive New T-Rex Front Rest — Product Review

Rodzilla T-Rex front rest shooting F-Class benchrest review

Meet the new T-Rex front rest from Rodzilla. In the world of front rests there have been many innovations over the past decade, but this new front rest from Rodzilla really represents significant innovation. The new T-Rex offers impressive capabilities that can truly take your shooting experience to the next level.

Rodzilla T-Rex front rest shooting F-Class benchrest review

At first glance the new T-Rex may resemble some other coaxial front rests. The T-Rex has a joystick, three points of ground contact, and a platform for the rifle. But look closer and you’ll see this isn’t your typical rest. Designer/builder Rod Brakhage (the Rod in Rodzilla) has started from the ground up to create the most user-friendly, match-ready, modular front rest on the market. The new T-Rex is already in high demand, but currently Rodzilla has been fulfilling orders in about 8 weeks. T-Rex MSRP ranges from $1895.00 to $2305.00 depending on options.

The T-Rex weighs just over 21 pounds — about the same as many mid-sized rests. However the T-Rex has a large footprint, rivaling the largest rests on the market. Rod tells us: “The T-Rex has a similar footprint to the SEB MAX… 12.5″ wide X 11.25″ front to back. However, at just over 21 lbs. my rest weighs less than a SEB NEO.” This combination (wide base with moderate weight) allows for an incredibly stable platform that is still quite portable.

Rodzilla T-Rex front rest shooting F-Class benchrest review

Rugged Carry Case Makes Transport Easy
Rodzilla delivers the T-Rex in a custom-designed hard carry case that fits it perfectly and still has room for additional feet and accessories. This sturdy case makes taking the T-Rex to matches easy. The case is strong enough that I can stack things on top of it in my truck. One side note, if you plan on storing your rest in the case between matches, it’s wise to put a desiccant pack in the case to absorb moisture.

The T-Rex boasts an adjustable joystick that extends from 15.5″ to 21″ in length. With this adjustability, no matter what your stock length or design, you can find a comfortable position without having to stretch uncomfortably. And you won’t have to shop for a joystick extension.

Using the T-Rex is a pure pleasure when shooting prone F-Class or from the bench. That’s because of its revolutionary ability to make large vertical adjustments without getting out of position. This is accomplished with a detachable arm/handle you can actuate while behind the gun. (This is the long T-handle on the right side of the rest).

The simplest way to show why this is a game changer is to consider when you’ve just left the 800-yard line during a match. You head up to the 900-yard line, get all set up, the range officer calls a hot line and suddenly realize you didn’t adjust your elevation for the new yardage. Normally you’d have to turn your scope dials then get up from your position to adjust your front rest, or at best stretch uncomfortably in hopes of reaching your rest adjustments. With the T-Rex, you simply turn the right-side gross elevation handle while still in position, move to your new hold point, and begin firing.

Rodzilla T-Rex front rest shooting F-Class benchrest review

This same principal applies to other situations that require adjusting vertical without breaking your shooting position. All of this is accomplished in conjunction with an incredibly sensitive, yet easy-to-adjust counterbalance system. Once set, the counterbalance ensures that smooth and fluid motion occurs in any direction without any resistance or fear of backlash that might affect your shots.

Very Wide Horizontal Range is Useful in Matches
When it comes to looking downrange, the T-Rex can deliver nearly twice the range of horizontal motion as that of some other rests. (In high ratio mode, there is about 70 MOA of horizontal travel.) This means you can quickly scan a wide expanse of targets/flags without having to change magnification or go to your spotting scope. The huge field of view is a great help when shooting in a condition that is switching and you want to view targets on either side.

Rodzilla T-Rex Configuration Options: Tops, Colors, Feet

Rodzilla offers a number of options for the T-Rex. The first choice is the top. Select the Rodzilla 5-Axis roller top or the new 5-Axis IBS-legal sandbag top. Or, if your budget permits, you can order both — they are easily interchangeable in minutes. The video below shows the easy top-swap procedure:

This video explains how to exchange tops on the Rodzilla T-Rex

5-Axis Top Advantages
Rod Brakhage tells us: “This innovative new 5-Axis top rotates independently of the base plate so no matter how the rest is set on the line you only need to move your rear bag to pan across the row of targets with no binding of the rifle. Also, the sides of the rifle run against vertical Delrin rollers.”

Color Choices for Rodzilla T-Rex Base
In addition to the choice of tops, there are four (4) standard colors on the website, but for an additional fee you can have it made in just about any color you want, which is pretty cool.

Rodzilla T-Rex front rest shooting F-Class benchrest review

Choose Standard Feet, Sand Feet, or Both
When you order a T-Rex, you can choose standard bench feet or large, gorgeous sand/dirt feet. Or order them both, as I did. I use the bench feet at my regular club where I shoot from wood and concrete platforms, but the sand feet are great for matches held on dirt, gravel, sand, or grass. These sand feet provide an incredibly stable platform on the ground.

Rodzilla T-Rex front rest shooting F-Class benchrest review

Linear Bearings Allow Ultra-Smooth and Precise Adjustments
Rodzilla’s Rod Brakhage is a smart, innovative designer committed to improving the shooter’s experience. One of Rod’s key innovations in the T-Rex is the use of linear ball bearings for both X and Y axis: “The horizontal/vertical assembly, or X-Y block, moves on 6 double-sealed ball bearings that travel on hardened shafts for effortless movement”.* This system delivers a smooth, fluidity of movement that lets you aim quickly and efficiently. Gone are the days of having to move PAST your aim point and then come back (to get the aim right), or resetting your joystick position after every shot. With the T-Rex, you make one smooth, precise move and your aim is set. And it stays set after the shot.

The T-Rex allows you to position your crosshairs with pinpoint precision every time and if you need to move them just a hair, you can do it with ease. In F-Class, we often hold between the target’s scoring lines to correct for wind variations (without touching the scope’s windage knob). With the T-Rex, I could make those holds quickly and precisely without wasting time bouncing back and forth.

Overall, I’ve come to really enjoy the repeatable confidence the T-Rex has given me whether I’m doing load development, practicing at the range, or shooting a match. So, if you’re in the market for a superb front rest that just might give you an edge or, at minimum, make your life easier, head over to and learn all about the impressive, new T-Rex Front Rest.

* Rod Brakhage explains: “The bridge travels up and down on double-sealed ball bearings on 1” hardened shafts. My design utilizes a rack and pinion with an 18″-long drive shaft for adjusting the height of the bridge. This system allows you to stay in shooting position and looking through the scope while adjusting the vertical placement of your crosshairs. Precisely dial your vertical to the center of your target with the joy stick at the exact height you prefer. A 1/4 MOA movement is very easy to accomplish with this design. Also, there is no need to lock the bridge as there is an adjustable clutch to hold the vertical position. The long drive shaft utilizes a scalloped hand wheel on the shooters side and a quick coupling adapter on the rest side. Once adjusted you merely pull back on the drive shaft and remove it or just set it on your shooting mat out of the way. The geared rack and pinion can be placed on the right for right-handed shooters or on the left.”

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May 10th, 2021

BargainFinder 294: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. Graf & Sons — Lapua Brass in Stock

lapua brass
Best brass for centerfire disciplines; get it before it sells out

More quantities of quality cartridge brass are becoming available. now has a large supply of Lapua brass in stock. With many of the top cartridge types available this is a great time to stock up on Lapua brass. For those who haven’t tried Lapua brass yet, it may cost a bit more, but Lapua brass can deliver multiples of useful life compared to lesser brands. With reasonable loads (and some annealing), Lapua brass can deliver 20+ load cycles for most popular cartridge types.

2. Sportsman’s WHSE — Tikka T3x Lite/Superlite Rifles on Sale

tikka rifles
Save big on excellent hunting rifle, smooth action, nice trigger

Looking for a great hunting rifle that is reliable, accurate, and relatively lightweight? If so, check out the Tikka T3x Lite and Superlite rifles. These rifles combines high performance with light weight. They feature synthetic stocks and new modular features. Tikkas boast smooth-running actions and very good factory triggers. The T3x series features weather-resistant stocks with good grip feel even in wet conditions. The metallic bolt shroud covers and shields the firing pin and rear of the bolt body. This is a good price.

3. Amazon — Walker’s Razor Slim Earmuffs, $18.38-$21.99

walker ear muffs
Outstanding deal on quality muffs — many color options

Every shooter should have quality ear muffs, both for yourself and any friends/family members you bring to the range. For those on a tight budget, we recommend the Walker’s Razor Slim Passive Earmuffs. These are comfortable and have a good 28dB Noise Reduction rating — very high for slim muffs. These Walker’s Razor Slims are available in a wide variety of colors, starting at just $18.38 on Amazon — a great deal. These muffs fold compactly, making them easy to stow.

4. Bruno’s Shooters Supply — BAT Actions, $100 OFF

bat actions
Get a great BAT action without the wait at good price

Why wait months or years for a custom action when Bruno’s has BAT Actions in stock at attractive, $100 Off prices. Available in several finish types and multiple configurations, these ready-to-ship actions will meet the needs of any serious or casual shooter.

5. Palmetto SA — Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ 9mm, $449.99

Excellent CCW pistol with handy grip safety at good price

Given the high demand, it has been tough to find quality handguns for sale at a fair price. If you’re looking for a 9mm carry gun, Palmetto SA has the excellent Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ 9MM for just $449.99, including two 8-rd magazines. This gun is easy to rack. We like the integral grip safety. The trigger is crisp, and the pistol features an 18-degree grip angle for a natural point of aim. The Shield EZ is fitted with white-dot front and adjustable white-dot rear sights.

6. Creedmoor Sports — American Practice Bullets on SALE

Amazing deal on factory second bullets, save 50% or more

Here’s a truly great deal on quality .22 cal and .30 cal bullets. These American Practice Bullets are made by major manufacturer, but may have slight cosmetic defects — mostly visual, such as minor scratch marks on the jackets. If you can live with the slight visual defects or very slight weight variances, you can enjoy huge savings. Get 500 bullets for what you might pay for just 250 first-run projectiles. For example, 500 69gr HPBT .22-caliber bullets are only $104.95. That’s just $20.99 per hundred! And for you .308 Win/.30-06 shooters — get 500 175gr HPBT bullets for just $165.96, just $33.95 per hundred.

7. Natchez — Bushnell Nitro 5-20x44mm $229.49 (Save $270+)

Bushnell Nitro 5-20x44mm SFP scope varmint
Excellent choice for varmint rifle at super-low price

Need a scope for your varmint rifle? Here’s a killer deal on a 5-20x44mm Bushnell Nitro. This second focal plane (SFP) scope boasts a nice reticle with MOA-based hashmarks. With this deal you can save 54% off the regular $499.99 price. For varmint hunting we think the 5-20X magnification range is just about ideal, and we prefer SFP as the reticle thickness doesn’t change as you zoom in and out, something you’ll do often on a prairie dog hunt. If you are looking for a lower-magnification scope, consider the 2.5-10x44mm Nitro for just $174.49 a $175 savings.

8. Amazon — Highwild Adjustable Target Stand Base, $32.99

Highwild Adjustable Target Stand Base
Smart product with adjustable widths

The steel Highwild Adjustable Target Stand Base provides a stable base for your target frame. The base has three steel receivers for standard 1×2 wood stakes (actual size .75″x 1.5″). Base span quickly adjusts from 8″ to 24″ and width markers are stamped on the cross-beam. No tools are required to change width. With this base you can set up your own target anywhere. The entire base is powder-coated to stand up to the elements. Bonus — the 13″ X 16″ cardboard shipping box is printed with Silhouette Targets.

9. Creedmoor Sports — Cleaning Rod Guide, $24.95 – $29.95

bore guide sale
Always use a rod guide — these are caliber-specific for best fit

Without a good bore guide, you can damage your rifle during cleaning. Bore guides keep solvents and fouling out of your action and trigger group. They also center up your rod and jags, protecting your chamber. Creedmoor Sports Cleaning Rod Guides have earned high marks. These are available in a variety of calibers/sizes to fit various actions. Use the drop-down menu on Creedmoor Sports product page to select the right size for your gun. NOTE: These Cleaning Rod Guides may be black or red, depending on current inventory.

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May 10th, 2021

ATF Proposed Rule Will Redefine Firearm “Frame or Receiver”

ATF firearm rule change receiver frame

On 5/7/21, the U.S. Attorney General signed ATF proposed rule 2021R-05, Definition of “Frame or Receiver” and Identification of Firearms. The goal of the proposed rule is to ensure the proper marking, recordkeeping, and traceability of all firearms manufactured, imported, acquired and disposed by federal firearms licensees. This proposed rule would among others, provide new or amend previous definitions of terms related to or about “firearm frame or receivers” and “frame or receivers.” SEE ATF website.

» Download the Proposed New ATF Rule (PDF)

ATF requests comments on the proposed rule, Definition of “Frame or Receiver” and Identification of Firearms, from all interested persons. ATF specifically requests comments on the feasibility of implementing the new definition of firearm “frame or receiver” in 27 CFR 478.11 and 27 CFR 479.11, and related definitions and amendments that ensure the proper marking, recordkeeping, and traceability of all firearms manufactured, imported, acquired and disposed by federal firearms licensees.

ATF also requests comments on the costs or benefits of the proposed rule and on the appropriate methodology and data for calculating those costs and benefits. To submit comments CLICK HERE: Frame or Receiver Submit Comment Page

Official Summary of New Fiream Frame or Receiver Rule

ATF firearm rule change receiver frame

You May Submit a Comment
ATF is receiving comments on the proposed rule for 90 days from the date the proposed rule is posted in the Federal Register. You may submit comments by mail, fax or the Federal eRulemaking Portal at

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