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May 17th, 2021

BargainFinder 295: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

1. Creedmoor Sports — Lapua Brass in Stock

Lapua Cartridge Brass Sale in stock Creedmoor Sports
Superb cartridge brass — very uniform, long-lasting

Creedmoor Sports has received a large shipment of long-lasting, high-quality Lapua cartridge brass. Many of the most popular types are available including .220 Russian (for PPC), 22-250, .223 Rem, 6mmBR, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5×47 Lapua, .260 Rem, 6.5-284, and .308 Winchester and more. Sorry, Creedmoor is sold out of the new .284 Win brass and the 6.5 PRC and 300 PRC. Creedmoor’s Lapua brass is selling fast, so stock up now while you can.

2. Bullet Central — BAT Bumblebee Aluminum and Steel Action

BAT Bumblebee lightweight action aluminum
Ultimate lightweight action for precision hunters

Do you lust for a light-weight, ultra-accurate hunting rifle? Then consider the new BAT Bumblebee Action. Weighing just 23.8 oz (11.4 oz lighter than a BAT VR/TR), the Bumblebee features an aluminum body with Chrome-Moly steel internals. The weight is comparable to Titanium actions. BAT claims the Bumblebee is 31%-42% stiffer than light-weight steel actions and over 130% stiffer than round Titanium actions. The Bumblebee’s modular bolt allows low-cost bolt face changes for different cartridge types. The firing pin, bolt, and shroud are Melonited for smooth bolt movement and low maintenance. On top is a +20 MOA integral 20 MOA Picatinny rail. The Bumblebee is compatible with Rem 700-type bottom metal and magazines. This action is offered with a .308 Win Sized boltface or Magnum boltface for $1699.00.

3. Leupold — Get FREE Tripod with Spotting Scope

Leupold free tripod Spotting scope Santiam rebate Sx-5
Order high-quality 80mm Leupold Spotter, get Pro Guide Tripod for FREE

Purchase any Leupold SX-5 Santiam HD Spotting Scope and receive a free Pro Guide Tripod Kit, a $399 value. This offer is valid for purchases made from May 3 through June 27, 2021. This 27-55x80mm spotting scope boasts outstanding sharp, HD glass with DiamondCoat2 lens coatings. Boasting great low-light performance, this spotter is also 100% waterproof and fogproof. The SX-5 Santiam HD is offered with either angled body or straight body for around $1799.00, including protective soft-case.

BEST DEALS: Right now Natchez has “Blem” angled SX-5 Santiam Spotters for $1619.99, while EuroOptic has DEMO straight body SX-5 Santiam Spotting Scopes for just $1399.00.

4. Brownells — KRG Bravo Chassis Rem 700, $329.99 with Code

brownells krg bravo tactical hunting stock internal aluminum precision
Versatile internal frame stock for PRS or hunting — tan, black, or green

The Kinetic Research Group (KRG) Rem 700 Bravo Chassis is a good dual-purpose choice for PRS and hunting. This chassis features an internal aluminum frame with polymer exterior in Flat Dark Earth, Sako Green, or Black. The stock fits Rem 700 and Rem clone actions, accepts AICS-pattern mags, and is M-LOK compatible. The 2.9-lb KRG Bravo chassis features adjustable cheek riser and length-of-pull, built-in thumb shelf, plus quick-detach sling-swivel and bipod mounts. The KRG Bravo stock costs $349.99 at Brownells. You can also get $20 Off with Brownells code VSJ, lowering the net cost to $329.99.

5. Natchez — CCI 9mm FMJ Blazer Brass Handgun Ammunition

CCI bulk 9mm luger handgun ammo ammunition
Quality 9mm pistol ammo — grab a 1000-ct case while you can

Good name-brand handgun ammunition is hard to find these days. But Natchez Shooters Supplies has scored a large quantity of CCI Blaser 115gr 9mm ammo. We’ve used CCI Blazer 9mm ammo and it proved accurate and reliable. NOTE: This ammo features conventional, reloadable brass cartridge cases (some other CCI ammo is non-reloadable). This ammo is shipped in a single large carton with 1000 rounds inside. Price is $549.00 for 1000, or $0.55 per round — a decent price these days.

6. Midsouth — Bulldog 54″ Long Range Rifle Case, $69.99

large rifle transport case nylon SKB Pelican Plano Bulldog
Good deal on excellent case for long rifles up to 52.5″

Highly rated by purchasers, the Bulldog Long Range Rifle Case fits rifles up to 52.5″ long. This premium 54″ soft case is on Sale Now for $69.99 at Midsouth, 18% off the regular $84.99 price. The Bulldog LR works great for long-barreled match rifles. This versatile case boasts a tough 600-dernier water-resistant outer shell, plus quilted inner lining with Velcro tie downs. There are two zippered center pockets plus an external zippered pocket at front. The main compartment zippers are lockable. Choose tan version as shown, or the 54″ Bulldog in black.

7. EuroOptic — Vortex Razor HD LH 1.5-8x32mm and 2-10x40mm

henry u.s. survival rifle AR-7 AR7 .22 LR rimfire take-down
Very lightweight — 5X zoom range good for hunters

Here are two good optics for hunters. We like the Vortex Razor HD LH at $429.99, a bargain. With a 5.3X zoom ratio, you get a very wide field of view at 1.5X (Field of View is 72.2-13.2 ft @ 100 yards). Then, when you spot your prey, you can instantly zoom up to 8 power. This scope is compact (11″) and lightweight — just 13.2 ounces. If you want more magnification, choose the Razor HD LH 2-10x40mm for $449.99. (NOTE: This 2-10X scope is $599.00 on Amazon.) The 2-10X model has a bigger objective, and Field of View ranges from 56.2-10.8 ft @ 100 yards. Both of these fixed-parallax scopes have excellent HD glass with high light transmission.

8. Sportsman’s Warehouse — Henry AR-7 Rifle, $269.99

henry u.s. survival rifle AR-7 AR7 .22 LR rimfire take-down
Ultimate packable rifle — 3.5 lbs., barrel/action/mags stow in stock

The Henry AR-7 Survival rifle is a unique rifle. Weighing just 3.5 pounds, this little semi-auto rimfire can perform pest-control duties for a farmer or rancher, or serve as a utility rifle carried in a truck or ATV. The cleverly-designed AR-7 is affordably priced, just $269.99 at Sportsman’s Warehouse. The Henry AR-7 breaks down for easy carry in a backpack or a vehicle. The barrel, receiver, and magazines all fit INSIDE the buttstock. That’s handy. And this little 3.5-pound rifle offers surprisingly good accuracy.

9. Amazon — Tipton Best Gun Vise, $84.99

tipton gun vise sale
Versatile, stable, works with all rifles, including ARs

When cleaning long guns, you need a secure, stable platform. We recommend the Tipton Best Gun Vise, now $84.99 on Amazon. This vise was designed to accommodate the widest possible array of firearms for cleaning, maintenance, or gunsmithing. This vise is easily configurable to handle bolt-action rifles, break-open shotguns, AR-15s, and handguns. You can also purchase the Best Gun Vise for $89.99 at Midsouth. NOTE: Midsouth also sells the Tipton basic gun vise for just $39.99. That is lighter and still works well.

9. Amazon — 12″ x 12″ Splatter Grid Targets, 10 for $10.99

Sight-in 12
Popular Grid Target — easy to estimate group size

This 12″x12″ Splatterburst Target combines splatter shot marking with a grid background, with five aiming points. The bright neon shot circles make it easy to see your shots. And the handy grid lets you quickly estimate your group size. Get a 10-pack for $10.99, or a 25-pack for $18.99 (better deal). This particular target has earned rave reviews — 87% of verified buyers gave this a FIVE-Star rating. One example: “Excellent quality and durability. The adhesive is really strong and the splatter contrast is [great].”

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May 17th, 2021

Measure Group Sizes Quickly and Accurately with Ballistic-X App

Ballistic-X group measure measuring plot software Android Apple iOS
Ballistic-X Apple (iOS) version shown. There is also a Ballistic-X Android App.

Here’s something all shooters need — a smartphone App that calculates bullet-hole group sizes from your own photos. The Ballistic-X App is simple to use. Take a photo of your target, set some values (such as bullet diameter and distance to target), then use the touchscreen to place circles around each hole. The App will calculate group size (in MOA or Mils), distance to point of aim, and provide all the info in an overlay. Then click “save” to record your group for posterity!

Ballistic-X group measure measuring plot software Android Apple iOS

This App works well, is relatively easy to set-up, and costs just $7.99. It is available for both Android devices and iOS (Apple) devices. There are other ways to measure group sizes from target images, such as the excellent On-Target program, which we have used for years. However On-Target requires a software installation on a Windows platform desktop or laptop. Ballistic-X is a simple, easy-to-install App with versions for both Android and iOS (Apple) Mobile devices.

Google Play app store source
Download Android App
Apple store Ios app store source
Download Apple App

The Ballistic-X App has a relatively easy-to-use interface. Of course you can choose either MOA or Milrad group values, and Inch or Metric dimensions. There are various labeling options that provide useful info for Load Development. There is even an ATZ (Adjustment To Zero) feature for adjusting your turrets.

How to Use Ballistic-X App

1. Select Photo Source — Choose Camera to take new photo or get image from Photo Library.

Ballistic-X group measure measuring plot software Android Apple iOS

2. Set Reference Values — Select Bullet Diameter and enter Distance to Target.

3. Establish Scale on Image — Mark two points on target photo to set scale.
For example, if the target has a 1″-square grid lines, mark two points on grid for 1″ distance.

4. Mark Point Of Aim — Put the central X on the aim point.

5. Designate Shot Locations — Place the green circles around each shot.

Ballistic-X group measure measuring plot software Android Apple iOS

6. Finalize Data Display — Position Overlay, select size/color options, and export file.

Ballistic-X group measure measuring plot software Android Apple iOS

Android Options — Range Buddy FREE App
Along with Ballistic-X, there is another Mobile App, Range Buddy, that also measures shot groups. Range Buddy is currently offered for Android devices only. It is FREE, but has adverts. Range Buddy isn’t bad, but users complained about the program crashing, and there are compatibility issues with newer phones. We recommend you pay $7.99 and stick with Ballistic-X.

Ballistic-X group measure measuring plot software Android Apple iOS

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May 17th, 2021

A Hollywood Action Star Who Can Really Shoot — Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves John Wick Taran Butler Hollywood movie 3-Gun Video

Keanu Reeves, the A-List Hollywood actor who starred in The Matrix, Speed, Point Break, and other hit movies, is a talented shooter. For his role in the popular John Wick series of movies, Reeves has done extensive training with our friend Taran Butler, one of the nation’s top 3-Gun competitors. Check out this video showing Keanu Reeves running through some multi-gun stages. The actor’s speed on target is outstanding, and his transitions are very fast. We’ve run some multi-gun matches in the past. Trust us, it takes a lot of training and dedication to get this fast. You also need good equipment.

Watch Keanu Reeves Display Impressive Multi-Gun Speed in this Video:

Keanu Reeves John Wick Taran Butler Hollywood movie 3-Gun Video

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