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June 1st, 2021

Steel Challenge — World Speed Shooting Championship on TV

2021 steel challenge talladega alabama world speed shooting championship pistol rimfire rifle

The fastest speed shooters in the nation showcased their skills at the Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championship this past April. Competing at the Talladega Marksmanship Complex in Alabama, dozens of top handgun and rifle shooters took on the Steel Challenge course. This consists of multiple 5-target close-range stages. Speed is king. The shooter with the lowest overall time wins. There are multiple pistol and revolver classes, both rimfire and centerfire. Increasing in popularity (and speed) are the rimfire rifle and pistol-caliber centerfire rifle classes. For both rifle and pistol there are iron sights as well as optics divisions. There are 13 gun classes in total, the most for any shooting championship.

2021 steel challenge talladega alabama world speed shooting championship pistol rimfire rifle

The 2021 Steel Challenge will be featured June 2, 2021 on Shooting USA, broadcast on the Outdoor Channel. The Shooting USA video below covers the classes and course of fire for the Steel Challenge.

Shooting USA Video covers Course of Fire, Firearms Classes, and Target Layouts (1:20)

Definitely watch this 4-minute video produced by Shooting USA. It explains the classes, shows the stages, and illustrates ALL the different gun classes, pistol AND rifle. You can also see some of the world’s fastest shooters including Jessie Harrison (1:47, 3:44) and Max Michel (3:48). And if you want to be amazed by the speed of competitors shooting semi-auto rimfire rifles, watch the rifle run starting at (00:30) — five targets hit in under two seconds!

2021 steel challenge talladega alabama world speed shooting championship pistol rimfire rifle

Here is Jessie Harrison, the fastest lady pistol shooter on the planet. At the 2021 World Speed Shooting Championship, Jessie won the Ladies Overall Open title for the 13th time with a total time of 93.03 seconds. Full Report on

2021 steel challenge talladega alabama world speed shooting championship pistol rimfire rifle

2021 steel challenge talladega alabama world speed shooting championship pistol rimfire rifle

Steel Challenge 2021 World Speed Shooting Championship

Practical shooting in all of its forms boils down to speed and accuracy and the one practical shooting sport that tests those two elements exclusively is steel shooting. Shooting USA calls it “drag racing with guns”. Draw and shoot five (5) steel targets with time as your score. With divisions expanded to rimfire rifles and pistol-caliber carbines, the times are now regularly setting new world records.

2021 Steel Challenge Overall Results | 2021 Steel Challenge 3-Hour Stream

The Steel Challenge is a test of speed, accuracy and equipment that anyone and everyone can enjoy. By design, even someone who has never seen competitive steel shooting before, can tell a good run from a bad run. The unmistakable sound of five shots and five hits is an instant marker of success. There are eight standardized 5-plate stages, including the “Showdown” stage illustrated below.

2021 steel challenge talladega alabama world speed shooting championship pistol rimfire rifle

Steel shooting has evolved over the years, but the courses of fire remain unchanged. The original concept for the Steel Challenge was designed around centerfire handguns drawn from a holster, starting with the shooter’s wrists above shoulders. Historically, 80 seconds was the time to beat and only a handful of competitors have done it. Since the inception of the low ready divisions, the time to beat has dropped to 60 seconds. That record was finally beaten in 2020. In the centerfire handgun match, the fastest times are posted by competitors using their enhanced open guns, with compensators and red-dot optics.

The competition was founded in 1981 by Mike Dalton and Mike Fichman, in Southern California. The two Mikes wanted an exciting alternative to paper targets and came up with the all-steel format. The Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships have grown to one of the largest professional pistol competitions in America. In 2021, scores of competitors competed at the Talladega Marksmanship Park for glory and cash prizes. The Steel Challenge is governed by the Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) that consists of eight standardized stages with three types of steel targets: small circle, big circle, and square. Here is a steel challenge layout in Germany.

rimfire steel challenge outer limits germany

At the 2019 Alabama Steel Challenge State Championship, then 19-year-old Rimfire Rifle Optic Class shooter Chris Barrett set the fastest total time in the 35-year history of Steel Challenge: 59.82 seconds. SEE FULL Story at

2021 steel challenge talladega alabama world speed shooting championship pistol rimfire rifle

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June 1st, 2021

Million-Round Turret Press — This Redding T-7 Has Done Its Duty

Redding T-7 Turret reloading press ammo ammunition

Here’s something you don’t see every day — a reloading press that has loaded over 1,000,000 rounds of ammo. At the NRA Convention in Dallas in 2018, Redding showcased an old Redding T-7 Turret Press delivered to Sierra Bullets decades ago. 0ne of the very first T-7s made by Redding, this “old warrior” was used by Sierra Bullets to load over 1,000,000 rounds of ammunition in Sierra’s ballistics lab.

Redding T-7 Turret reloading press ammo ammunitionRedding T-7 Still Within Spec
After all that loading, Redding tested the press and, remarkably, found that it still remained “within spec”. Redding notes: “This press was subjected to real world reloading wear and stress yet remains within ‘new’ spec after this historic test”. When showcased in Dallas, this Redding turret press was fitted with indicators to show “just how good American steel and craftsmanship remains after what, in a normal situation, would represent numerous lifetimes of use.”

The Redding T-7 now has major turret press rivals — the Lyman All-American 8-station press, and the Area 419 9-station ZERO Turret Press. That $1200 ZERO Turret is generally regarded as the most sophisticated turret press ever created.

Redding T-7 Turret reloading press ammo ammunitionAbout Redding Reloading
Redding Reloading Equipment has crafted quality, American-made products for the precision handloading market since 1946. Along with single-stage and turret presses, Redding makes great dies. And Redding’s line of tools/accessories includes concentricity gauges, scales, trimmers, powder measures, powder tricklers, cleaning tools, deburring tools, bushings, and many other quality items.

To learn more about Redding products or to download the 2021 Redding catalog visit You can also request a free 2021 printed catalog.

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June 1st, 2021

Go with the “O” — O-Rings May Reduce Run-Out When Sizing

reloading die O-ring
reloading die O-ring

Here’s an inexpensive procedure that can help you load straighter ammo, with slightly better measured concentricity (i.e. less run-out) on the case necks and bullets. Simply use a Rubber O-Ring on the underside of the die locking ring. This allows the die to self-align itself (slightly) to the case that is being sized. Without the O-Ring, if the flat surface on the top of your press is not perfectly square with the thread axis, your die can end up slightly off-angle. This happens when the bottom of the locking ring butts up tight against the top of the press. The O-Ring allows the die to float slightly, and that may, in turn, reduce the amount of run-out induced during case sizing.

Top prone shooter GSArizona has tried this trick and he says it works: “Go to your local hardware store and get a #17 O-Ring (that’s the designation at Ace Hardware, don’t know if its universal). Slip the O-Ring on the die and re-adjust the lock ring so that the O-Ring is slightly compressed when the die is at the correct height. Size and measure a few more cases. You will probably see a slight improvement in neck concentricity as the die can now float a bit as the case enters and leaves it. This isn’t going to be a dramatic improvement, but it’s a positive one.”

We want to stress that adding O-Rings to sizing dies may help some reloaders, but we don’t offer this as a panacea. Try it — if using the O-Ring reduces measured runout that’s great. If it doesn’t, you’ve only spent a few pennies to experiment.

reloading die O-ring

Lee Precision makes die lock rings with built-in O-Rings. Lee’s distinctive lock ring design allows the same kind of self-alignment, which is good. However, Lee lock rings don’t clamp in place on the die threads, so they can move when you insert or remove the dies — and that can throw off your die setting slightly. By using an O-Ring under a conventional die lock ring (that can be locked in place), you get the advantages of the Lee design, without the risk of the lock ring moving.

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