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June 26th, 2021

First Time at 1000 — Verdant Visions from DownUnder

Zac Cameron Queensland Cairns Oz Australia F-Class

For those of us in the Western USA facing drought, heat waves, and forest fires, it is a bit amazing to see a shooting range with verdant green fields, and lush vegetation. Well that is the environment in far-away Queensland, Australia. Here is a photo essay from Aussie Zac Link Cameron who hails from Cairns, Queensland, up near the Great Barrier Reef. On June 20, 2021, Zac was at a scenic range, shooting out to 1000 yards. He posted on Facebook: “Beautiful morning for it at a beautiful range!”

Zac Cameron Queensland Cairns Oz Australia F-Class

Zac was competing at 1000 yards with his lovely “missus” Morgan Crisp at the Atherton Rifle Club range, situated west of Cairns in Queensland. Zac and Morgan are members of the Cairns Rifle Club, which also has an 800m range north of Cairns, located inland from Wangetti Beach (see map below). Posting on Facebook, Zac wrote: “First time at 1000 yards for the Missus today with her factory Howa 1500 in .223 Remington. Conditions couldn’t have been more perfect other then the swirling wind not making up its mind! But the little .223 did bloody good for its first outing past 800m. 1000 yards today and my gosh Atherton is a beautiful range!”

Zac Cameron Queensland Cairns Oz Australia F-Class
Zac wrote: “Dropped 2 points on my first target and didn’t drop any on my second. I definitely need to work on my wind reading though.”

Zac Cameron: “Beautiful morning for it at a beautiful range!”

Zac Cameron Queensland Cairns Oz Australia F-Class

Indeed, this is a beautiful range. It’s great to see all that greenery. Here is a fly-over video from the Atherton Tableland Gun Club Range, west of Cairns, another popular Queensland shooting venue. You can see other Queensland shooting ranges on Zac Cameron’s Long Range Australia FNQ Facebook page.

Zac Cameron Queenland Cairns Oz Australia F-Class

Australia Rifle Competition Disciplines

As stated on the Cairns Rifle Club website, there are multiple disciplines sanctioned by the National Rifle Association of Australia (NRAA) which are shot by Cairns Rifle Club:

Target Rifle: This discipline is shot with a .308 or .223 caliber rifle, and held by the shooter using peep sights and a sling. Target Rifle has been actively contested since before World War I. The Cairns Rifle Club has operated continuously since 1893 — 128 years.

F-Class: This discipline is contested with optical sights (scopes) and the use of bipods or rests. Three categories of F-Class exist. Two are shot from an adjustable rest being F-Standard which is limited to either .308 Win or .223 Rem caliber rifles and F-Open which is unlimited up to a maximum of 8mm. The other discipline is F-TR which is shot from a bipod and limited to .308 Win caliber. [Editor’s Note — This is different than in the USA which has F-TR (bipod .223 Rem or .308 Win) and F-Open (front rest, open caliber) only.]

Sporting/Hunting Class: The most recent addition to the disciplines is the Sporting/Hunting Class.

The disciplines are contested at distances from 300m through to 800m at Wangetti and up to 1000 yards elsewhere. Here is a MAP for Wangetti, 40km north of Cairns.

Zac Cameron Queensland Cairns Oz Australia F-Class
Zac Cameron Queenland Cairns Oz Australia F-Class

Zac and Morgan are members of the Cairns Rifle Club, an organization with a rich history, going back to 1893. Here are Cairns Rifle Club members in 1903:

Zac Cameron Queenland Cairns Oz Australia F-Class

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June 26th, 2021

Silhouette Shooting — A Quick History

Silhouette Centerfire high power history formation Mexico Ram Pig Chicken livestock

The NRA Blog ran an feature on Silhouette shooting by NRA Silhouette Program Coordinator Jonathan Leighton. Here are selections from Leighton’s story:

NRA Silhouette Shooting
The loud crack from the bullet exiting the muzzle followed by an even louder ‘clang’ as you watch your target fly off the railing is really a true addiction for most Silhouette shooters. There is nothing better than shooting a game where you actually get to see your target react to the bullet. In my opinion, this is truly what makes this game so much fun.

Metallic Silhouette — A Mexican Import
Silhouette shooting came to this country from Mexico in the 1960s. It is speculated that sport had its origins in shooting contests between Pancho Villa’s men around 1914. After the Mexican Revolution the sport spread quickly throughout Mexico. ‘Siluetas Metalicas’ uses steel silhouettes shaped like game animals. Chickens up front followed by rows of pigs, turkeys, and furthest away, rams. Being that ‘Siluetas Metalicas’ was originally a Mexican sport, it is common to hear the targets referred to by their Spanish names Gallina (chicken), Javelina (pig), Guajalote (turkey) and Borrego (ram). Depending on the discipline one is shooting, these animals are set at different distances from the firing line, but always in the same order.

Before Steel There Was… Barbeque
In the very beginnings of the sport, live farm animals were used as targets, and afterwards, the shooters would have a barbeque with all the livestock and/or game that was shot during the match. The first Silhouette match that used steel targets instead of livestock was conducted in 1948 in Mexico City, Mexico by Don Gonzalo Aguilar. [Some matches hosted by wealthy Mexicans included high-ranking politicians and military leaders].

As the sport spread and gained popularity during the 1950s, shooters from the Southwestern USA started crossing the Mexican border to compete. Silhouette shooting came into the US in 1968 at the Tucson Rifle Club in Arizona. The rules have stayed pretty much the same since the sport has been shot in the US. NRA officially recognized Silhouette as a shooting discipline in 1972, and conducted its first NRA Silhouette Nationals in November of 1972.

Silhouette Ace Eric Mietenkorte Shooting Smallbore Silhouette — Perfect Form:

Now There Are Multiple Disciplines
The actual sport of Silhouette is broken into several different disciplines. High Power Rifle, Smallbore Rifle, Cowboy Lever Action Rifle, Black Powder Cartridge Rifle, Air Rifle, Air Pistol, and Hunter’s Pistol are the basic disciplines. Cowboy Lever Action is broken into three sub-categories to include Smallbore Cowboy Rifle, Pistol Cartridge Cowboy Lever Action, and regular Cowboy Lever Action. Black Powder Cartridge Rifle also has a ‘Scope’ class, and Hunter’s Pistol is broken into four sub-categories. Some clubs also offer Military Rifle Silhouette comps.

Here is a rimfire silhouette match conducted by the Sporting Shooters’ Assn. of Australia.
Silhouette Centerfire high power history formation Mexico Ram Pig Chicken livestock

Where to Shoot Silhouette
NRA-Sanctioned matches are found at gun clubs nation-wide. There are also many State, Regional, and National matches across the country as well. You can find match listings on the Shooting Sports USA website or contact the NRA Silhouette Department at (703) 267-1465. For more info, visit, the #1 website dedicated to Silhouette shooting sports.

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June 26th, 2021

New Online Ammo Vendor Claims to Offer Fair Pricing rifle pistol 9mm ammo shipping

With gun sales in the USA approaching 40 million guns sold in 2020, the demand for ammo has dramatically gone up, depleting stockpiles and straining ammo manufacturers to keep up with that demand. This has led to extreme price gouging by some online vendors as well as sellers on Gunbroker.

There is a NEW ammunition seller that claims to be committed to providing rifle, pistol, and shotgun ammunition at reasonable prices. This new venture, offers a modern website and regular specials. has no direct experience with this enterprise, but it is good to see another option for folks looking for hard-to-find factory ammo. rifle pistol 9mm ammo shipping

Pistol Ammo in Stock: American Eagle, DoubleTap, Federal, Wolf (9mm, 10mm, 5.7×28, .45 ACP)
Centerfire Rifle Ammo in Stock: Federal (American Eagle), Fiocchi, Frontier, Remington, Winchester, and Wolf (Mostly .223 Rem, 6.5 Grendel, 7.62×39)
Rimfire Ammo in Stock: Fiocchi and Winchester rifle pistol 9mm ammo shipping rifle pistol 9mm ammo shipping rifle pistol 9mm ammo shipping

In a press release, declares: was launched in 2021 out of necessity, offering in-stock ammo at competitive prices while simultaneously keeping the price-gouging ammo sites in check. Located just outside of Columbia, Missouri, is smack dab in the middle of the America, enabling high-speed shipping times to all gun buyers across the US.

“ was launched to focus on the needs of the consumer, getting them the ammo they need to shoot, compete and defend, at a reasonable price,” said Loren Hrabovsky, General Manager of “Launching our website and offering great pricing on popular calibers will hopefully start a trend to lower overall pricing in the seller industry. We currently offer some of the cheapest 9mm ammo in America[.]” demands no paid membership or subscription. Buyers can sign up for the newsletter and receive notifications when specific ammo is in stock. states it “will always be honest and upfront with what is ‘in stock’ and ready to ship.” [Editor: Hopefully that proves to be the case.]

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