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June 17th, 2021

Gavin’s Greatest Hits — Ultimate Reloader Video Showcase

YouTube Ultimate Reloader Video Showcase Single Stage Shootout .223 vs. 5.56

ultimate reloader Gavin Gear T-shirtGavin Gear, founder of the website, has created a very popular YouTube Channel. Over the past 13 years, Gavin has produced hundreds of videos covering nearly every aspect of reloading, rifle assembly, and gunsmithing. When important new reloading products are released, you’ll often find that the very first, in-depth reviews come from Gavin. He seems to get the new stuff before ANYone else.

And Gavin’s multi-product reviews are legendary, such as his remarkable 14-Press Shootout. That video, in which Gavin set up and operated 14 different single-stage presses, has received over 583,000 views, making it Gavin’s third most popular video of all time. The Single-Stage Shootout video, along with Gavin’s five other most popular videos, are linked below.

Consider this a “Greatest Hits” showcase, with a half-dozen Ultimate Reloader videos that have, collectively, been watched nearly 8.5 million times. We present these videos in descending order of total YouTube views, leading with Gavin’s epic .223 Rem vs. 5.56 video, which has been watched over 5 million times.

.223 Rem vs. 5.56x45mm — 6.3 Million Views

Full Story:
This video explains essential facts and corrects common misconceptions related to both .223/5.56 ammunition, as well as .223/5.56 rifles. Gavin provides insight on chamber specs, pressure levels, barrel twist rates, military 5.56 crimped brass, and other important topics. If you are new to the AR world, this video is definitely worth watching. And that’s why it now has garnered over 6.3 MILLION YouTube views, making it one of the most popular gun-related videos ever. Gavin adds: “Don’t forget to check out the full write-up on”

Lee Loadmaster loading .45 ACP — 1.08 Million Views

The .45 ACP is a classic cartridge, and one of the best for a starting reloader. The case diameter is large enough that you can see the case fill level easily. Also you can pick a powder that won’t allow a mistaken double charge (the case will overflow). In this video, from Gavin’s early days on YouTube, Gavin shows how to run a Lee Loadmaster progressive. Lee should be paying Gavin royalties, as this video have been watched over 1 million times.

AR Handguard Upgrade Step-by-Step — 870,000 Views

The AR15 is truly “America’s rifle”. Along with buttstock replacement, one of the most common upgrades done by AR owners is changing out the front handguard. In this video, Gavin shows how to replace your stock handguard with a modern free-floating system. There can be accuracy improvements with this upgrade, and this also allows you to optimize the ergonomics and weight balance of your black rifle.

14 Reloading Presses Single-Stage Shootout — 584,000 Views

Full Story:
This truly may be the “ultimate” reloading press video. Running a full 41 minutes in length, this video shows the features/operation of no less than fourteen (14) modern single-stage presses. No other reloading gear review even come closes to this video in terms of the variety of products covered and the sophistication of the tests. In his full story, Gavin offers comparison charts with sizing force and seating precision comparisons. He also measures ram to press frame fit.

Anyone considering purchasing a single-stage press should watch this video from start to finish. A typical gun magazine review might look at two or three presses, load a few rounds, and then offer some subjective comments. Gavin studied 14 presses, did very thorough testing, and delivered tons of objective data. Listed below are 13 of the presses tested. Click each press name for specific details and test results:

Forster Co-Ax
Frankford Arsenal M-Press
Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic
Hornady Lock-N-Load Iron
LEE Challenger Breech Lock
LEE Classic Cast 50 BMG and LEE Classic Cast Iron
Lyman Brass Smith Ideal

Lyman Brass Smith Victory
MEC Marksman
RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme
RCBS Summit
Redding Big Boss II
Turban CNC Präzipress

Lee Loadmaster Loading .223 Rem/5.56 NATO — 526,000 Views

Here’s another early video from the Ultimate Reloader YouTube Channel. Gavin shows how to produce .223 Rem/5.56x45mm ammo with an affordable Lee Loadmaster progressive. Gavin explains how to set up the Loadmaster and how to best control priming, case sizing, and powder-dropping operations. For anyone thinking about getting a progressive press, this video is worth watching. Gavin has created many other videos reviewing progressive presses from Dillon, Hornady, and RCBS. And just last year he showcased the amazing Mark 7 Apex 10, a ten-station progressive press marketed by Lyman. Gavin’s Mark 7 Apex 10 was equipped with both case-feeder and bullet feeder, allowing very impressive production rates.

How It’s Made: BAT Custom Rifle Actions — 489,000 Views

YouTube Ultimate Reloader Video BAT Machine

Full Story:
BAT Machine Co. makes some of the finest custom actions you can buy. Numerous national and world records have been set with BAT actions. To create this 31-minute video, Gavin traveled to Idaho to visit the BAT Machine production center in Post Falls, ID. Gavin talked with BAT’s founder Bruce Thom. The video features extensive footage of advanced CNC machines used to produce the superb BAT actions.

Click Image Below to Visit the Ultimate Reloader YouTube Channel:
YouTube Ultimate Reloader Video Showcase Gavintoobe

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June 17th, 2021

25 Days and Counting until the National Matches at Camp Perry

CMP Camp Perry National Matches Long Range Pistol Rifle Commercial Row History

Headed to Perry this year? Time to start preparing. The 2021 National Matches at Camp Perry commence on July 12, 2021 — just 25 days away. CLICK HERE for Full Calendar.

Long Range Competition at Camp Perry
For rifle shooters, the ability to shoot out to 1000 yards on the historic ranges of Camp Perry is a definite “bucket list” item. The CMP invites competitors to test their skills in the CMP’s Long Range events at the National Matches. The series features five full days of competition — all from 1000 yards. To learn more, visit the CMP’s Long Range Info Page.

CMP Camp Perry National Matches Long Range Pistol Rifle Commercial Row History

Camp Perry has been a sought-after destination for marksmen since 1907, when the National Rifle and Pistol Matches moved to the Ohio facility. Since then, it has become a coveted journey for hundreds of thousands of guests through the generations. Learn more about the 2021 Camp Perry National Matches through the CMP website:

CMP Camp Perry National Matches Long Range Pistol Rifle Commercial Row History

Smallbore Training Provided by USAMU Experts
This summer, the CMP will offer a Smallbore Rifle Small Arms Firing School during the 2021 National Matches. The course, taught by members of the Army Marksmanship Unit, will cover .22 LR rimfire competition and fundamentals. This should be a great opportunity for young smallbore competitors.

CMP Camp Perry National Matches Smallbore Small Arms Firing School USAMU

Camp Perry’s famous Commercial Row has long been a big attraction at the National Matches. Take a stroll down Commercial Row and check out a wide variety of products and gear for a variety of disciplines, all in one location. CLICK HERE for a list of all 2021 Commercial Row Vendors.

CMP Camp Perry National Matches Long Range Pistol Rifle Commercial Row History

25 Days and Counting…
The 2021 CMP National Matches will get underway very soon. You can get more info, view the Official Match Programs, and Register Online at the CMP National Matches homepage. If you have questions or need assistance with registration, call the CMP at (419) 635-2141.

Camp Perry rimfire sporter

114 Years of National Match History at Camp Perry
The National Matches have been hosted at Camp Perry since 1907. The National Matches, which have now spanned 114 years and five generations of Americans, have a rich history. Here are two covers of the American Rifleman magazine, from 1931 on the left and 1971 on the right.

CMP Camp Perry National Matches Long Range Pistol Rifle Commercial Row History

History of Camp Perry
Federal legislation originally launched the National Matches. The 1903 legislation also established the National Matches, commissioned the National Trophy and provided funding to support the Matches. The National Matches have been held at Camp Perry since 1907. The range is located along the shores of Lake Erie in northern Ohio near Port Clinton. The site was first acquired in 1906, in response to the need for a larger facility for military training and the NRA’s shooting programs. In 1906 Gen. Ammon B. Crichfield, Adjutant General of Ohio, ordered construction of a new shooting facility on the shores of Lake Erie, 45 miles east of Toledo, Ohio. The original land for Camp Perry was purchased in 1906, and the reservation was named after Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, the American naval commander who won the Battle of Put-in-Bay during the War of 1812.

NRA National Matches

On August 19, 1907, Cpl. L. B. Jarrett fired the first shot at the new Camp Perry Training Site. And that year, 1907, Camp Perry held its first National Pistol and Rifle Championship events. This location has hosted the annual National Matches ever since (though they were cancelled in 2020 due to COVID). Typically over 4,000 competitors attend the National Matches each year, making it the most popular shooting competition in the western hemisphere.

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