June 2nd, 2021

Smith & Wesson Expands GunSmarts Video Series

Smith & Wesson gunsmarts video series jerry miculek julie golob

Smith & Wesson plans to expand its GUNSMARTS video series with over thirty new educational videos for both new and experienced firearms owners. Hosted by legendary shooter Jerry Miculek, talented competitor Julie Golob, and industry expert Ken Scott, Smith & Wesson’s GUNSMARTS Series 2 covers a comprehensive set of topics. These subjects will include firearms education, shooting tips, gear recommendations, and more. These videos can provide valuable information for all firearms owners, not just new handgun purchasers.

To See ALL S&W Gunsmarts Videos, click these Series 2 and Series 1 Playlist Links:

GUNSMARTS Series 2 Videos | GUNSMARTS Series 1 Videos

Matt Spafford, S&W’s Sr. Marketing Manager, said, “We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback after the launch of GUNSMARTS in 2020, and as such, we’ve developed GUNSMARTS Series 2. This new content series provides new, exciting videos to help both new and experienced gun owners improve their firearm knowledge and skillset. We hope that GUNSMARTS Series 2 encourages firearms owners to get outside, enjoy the shooting sports, and brush up on their skills.”

GUNSMARTS Series 2 content is hosted on YouTube. New GUNSMARTS videos will be released weekly throughout the summer, starting on June 1st. There are currently five (5) Series 2 videos available, along with forty (40) Series 1 videos. To watch the entire Smith & Wesson GUNSMARTS Series, CLICK HERE to access the YouTube Playlists.

GUNSMARTS — Joining a Range and Getting Instruction

In this GUNSMARTS Series 2 video, Ken Scott outlines the benefits of joining a range facility. Ken also explains how all new shooters can benefit from formal instruction.

GUNSMARTS — What to Expect When Shopping for a Handgun

In another GUNSMARTS Series 2 video, Ken Scott covers what to expect when visiting a gunstore to shop for a firearm. Ken explains the key factors when considering different types of firearms and setting a budget for your purchase.

For more information and updates on Smith & Wesson products and events, visit Smith & Wesson’s Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

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