June 6th, 2021

Summer Fun Shooting Targets — For Purchase or Download

splatter target Midsouth birchwood casey

When it comes to shooting targets, “Variety is the spice of life”. Shooting the same old target over and over again can get boring. We like to shoot a variety of targets. And we have to admit, the arrival of a new set of colorful targets in the mailbox has been known to motivate us to grab our guns and gear and head to the range. Midsouth Shooters Supply stocks a wide variety of colorful Birchwood Casey and Champion targets, both the splatter variety and conventional types.

Here are some of our favorite fun-shooting targets. They are all relatively inexpensive to buy. You can sometimes get free shipping if you combine a target purchase with a larger order. And if you order targets through Amazon and are a Prime member, you’ll get free shipping. The Dirty Bird targets are produced by Birchwood Casey as is the Pairie Dog Pair, a B/C Shoot-N-C target.

splatter target Midsouth birchwood casey
splatter target Midsouth birchwood casey

And here are a couple of FREE fun targets, courtesy of the NRA Blog:

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