August 25th, 2022

+ONE — Help a New Shooter During Nat’l Shooting Sports Month

National Shooting Sports month nssf +one

national shooting sports month nssf+ONE Program to Encourage New Shooters
August is National Shooting Sports Month. As part of this effort, the NSSF encourages firearms owners to take one novice to the range this one. This +ONE Movement will help strengthen the ranks of shooters, which, in turn, can help protect our Second Amendment freedoms. The NSSF states: “If just one in three of America’s recreational shooters adds one new person to the shooting sports, we’ll secure a strong future for generations to come. So be the one. For all the thrills and excitement recreational shooting has given you, join the +ONE movement and invite someone to the range today. Share your experience on social media.”

As part of the +ONE Movement, the NSSF encourages all participants to practice gun safety and proper firearms handling and storage practices. This video covers basic gun safety procedures:

The NSSF has created a list of TEN Rules of Firearms Safety. While you’re at the shooting range or anywhere you handle a firearm, safety ALWAYS comes first. Here are the 10 Key Rules of Firearms Safety. NOTE: The first four rules are the most important.

National Shooting Sports month nssf +one

National Shooting Sports month nssf +one

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