August 26th, 2022

Registration Still Open for CMP Oklahoma Games in October

Oklahoma games CMP garand carbine rimfire sporter training

The 2022 Oklahoma CMP Games & CMP HP Rifle Matches will be held October 16-23, 2022 at the Oklahoma City Gun Club in Arcadia, OK. The 2022 Oklahoma Games will feature vintage and modern rifle competitions including Rifle Marksmanship 101 & M16 Match (formerly SAFS), GSMM Matches, Carbine Match, Rimfire Sporter Match, and Vintage Sniper Team Match. There will also be numerous centerfire and .22 LR pistol matches. The CMP High Power Match schedule will include three 80-Shot Matches, EIC Service Rifle Match, and 4-Man Team Match. If you want to attend, CLICK HERE to Register.

Oklahoma games CMP garand carbine rimfire sporter training
Oklahoma games CMP garand carbine rimfire sporter training

NOTE: The CMP’s Oklahoma Games are not just for seasoned competitors. There will be a Small Arms Firing School plus a New Shooter Clinic for those who have never shot a CMP Games match before. And the Rimfire Sporter match is popular with novice shooters, who can can compete with very affordable rifles.

Oklahoma games CMP garand carbine rimfire sporter training

Oklahoma CMP Games Resources

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For official match information and to register for the Oklahoma Games, click the links above or visit the CMP Oklahoma Games Site. Questions may be directed to CMP’s Christina Roguski at 419-635-2141 ext. 714 or .

Oklahoma games CMP garand carbine rimfire sporter training

Electronic Targets Allow Faster Relays and No Pit Duty!
The High Power range will be set up with Kongsberg Electronic Targets (KTS). The KTS system registers each shot and relays the location and score value to a monitor beside each shooter on the firing line. Wireless monitors are placed at each firing point so competitors can immediately view their shot placements. Scores are tallied automatically by the KTS system.

Oklahoma games CMP garand carbine rimfire sporter training

GSM New Shooter Clinic Plus M1 Maintenance Clinic
There will also be a GSM New Shooter Clinic and an M1 Garand Maintenance Clinic held during the week. CMP Sales will be at the event with a limited supply of rifles. Ammunition and CMP memorabilia will also be available for purchase.

VINTAGE SNIPER MATCH — Wednesday, October 19th
The 2022 Oklahoma Games will include the popular Vintage Sniper Team Match. Competitors must use Korean War or earlier, as-issued military sniper rifles or replicas of those rifles. Optics must also be original issue or replica scopes from the same period. The CMP Games Rules lists the approved rifles and optics.

Pistol Competitions for Centerfire and Rimfire
There are also several pistol matches including CMP As-Issued 1911 Pistol Match, Military & Police Service Pistol Match, 40 Shot Pistol Match, EIC Service Pistol Match, CMP .22 Rimfire Pistol EIC Match and Pistol 2-Man Team Match. A Pistol Marksmanship 101 training class will also be held.

Oklahoma games CMP garand carbine rimfire sporter training

About the CMP Travel Games
The CMP Travel Games are regional competitions held in different corners of the country throughout the year, featuring exclusive CMP rifle and pistol outdoor events. A common part of the CMP schedule for the last decade, the Games are centered around recreation-oriented competition and educational activities that are designed to accommodate experienced marksmen as well as those just beginning the sport.

To learn more about the CMP Travel Games, visit

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