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September 12th, 2022

BargainFinder 364: AccurateShooter’s Deals of the Week

AccurateShooter Deals of the Week Weekly Bargain Finder Sale Discount Savings

At the request of our readers, we provide select “Deals of the Week”. Every Sunday afternoon or Monday morning we offer our Best Bargain selections. Here are some of the best deals on firearms, hardware, reloading components, optics, and shooting accessories. Be aware that sale prices are subject to change, and once clearance inventory is sold, it’s gone for good. You snooze you lose.

NOTE: All listed products are for sale to persons 18 years of age or older. No products are intended for use by minors.

1. Locked-N-Loaded — SAR USA Mete 9mm w/ Red Dot, $329.99

pistol 9mm sale
Great deal on modern 9mm pistol with installed Red DotSAR USA Mete 9mm with Riton Red Dot is ON SALE now for just $329.99 at Locked-N-Loaded. Yes that low price includes the Red Dot! These optics-equipped SAR USA Mete pistols are offered with Safari Tan frame or OD Green frame for that super-low $329.99 price. This is a great package for the price.

2. Bruno Shooters Supply — Bushnell Scope Sale

bushnell sale
Hunters check out these great deals on riflescopes

Hunting season is here — check out these very affordable Bushnell hunting scopes at Bruno’s. Right now Bruno’s has a huge selection of Bushnell scopes at incredibly low prices. They have everything from inexpensive hunting scopes to drop zone reticle AR scopes. If you need a relatively lightweight, budget-priced SFP option for that deer rifle, Bruno’s has it on sale now.

3. Sportsman’s Warehouse — Bring on the Hunt Sale

hunting products 2022 sale
Great September savings on hunting rifles, optics, clothing and gear

Hunters will find great savings right now at Sportsman’s Warehouse. Save 10-33% on rifles, optics, hunting gear, trail cams, treestands, crossbows, and more. And, throughout September, Sitka Hunting Gear and Camo clothing is 20% Off at Sportsman’s Warehouse.

4. LEE Precision — Closeout Specials up to 65% Off

lee precision sale
Huge savings on Factory Second/Reconditioned presses and tools

LEE Precision has an Online Closeouts Page with some pretty amazing deals. That LEE Closeouts Site offers everything from presses to powder measures at prices up to 65% off. Get a reconditioned Single-Stage Challenger Press for just $58.50, a factory second Breechlock Hand Press for just $48.66, or a reconditioned Auto-Drum Powder Measure for just $27.50. There are many other great deals.

5. Midsouth — Wheeler AR Kit, $64.99

wheeler ar kit
Very good price on Kit every AR owner can use

Are you new to the AR scene and don’t yet have the specialized tools needed to upgrade and maintain your Modern Sporting Rifle? Pick up this Wheeler AR tool kit that contains everything you need to remove and install trigger groups, maintain the bolt/bolt carrier, clean the gas tube and more.

6. Palmetto State Armory — Panzer Arms 12ga Shotgun, $329.99

shotgun sale
Verified buyers say this 12ga bullpup shotgun works great

Have you ever wanted a compact shotgun that still had high capacity? Consider the Panzer Arms BP12 semi-auto 12ga bullpup shotgun. The Panzer Arms BP12, produced in Turkey, features an innovative low center of gravity design with a handy detachable magazine. The bullpup shotgun configuration reduces the overall length and weight substantially without sacrificing barrel length and velocity. It is short, compact, and easy to handle but still retains the same accuracy as long barrel shotguns. Reviews by actual buyers have been very positive.

7. Amazon — Real Avid 19-in-1 Multi-Tool, $38.49

rifle tool sale
Versatile Multi-Tool with great features for gun owners

We’re big fans of multi-tools and this 19-in-1 Real Avid Multi-Tool may be the best one yet for gun guys. This compact 19-in-1 handgun multi-tool is a “must have” for any handgun owner. This tool can handle a multitude of tasks — e.g. changing grips, mounting accessories, field disassembly, adjusting laser sights, and even gunsmithing repairs. This tool does it all.

8. Amazon — Caldwell Steady Rest, $25.77

caldwell Steady rest pistol hunting sight-in sale
caldwell Steady rest pistol hunting sight-in sale
Works as front/rear rifle support or detach to use as separate pistol rest

Priced at just $25.77 on Amazon, this Caldwell Steady Rest is great for sighting-in hunting rifles and/or pistol use. Use the front section by itself as a pistol rest, or connect both units for rifle use. This vertically-adjustable Steady Rest offers a cushioned front cradle and V-Shaped padded rear cradle, plus a neoprene hand rest. This Caldwell Steady Rest NXT is very versatile and costs a fraction of what you might pay for a metal front rest — great value.

9. Amazon — CVLIFE Paracord Sling, $15.99

rifle sling sale
Serves as rifle sling and back-up cord — dual function

Having a strong sling while hunting is critical. A good sling option we like is the CVLIFE Two Point Sling 550 Paracord Traditional Sling with adjustable straps and eagle hooks. There is a length-adjustable nylon strap center section allowing a 44″-57″ overall strap length. On either side of the nylon strap are lengths of braided 550 paracord with metal rings. When on a hunt, if there’s an emergency, you can used paracord for multiple purposes — tourniquet, shoestrings, belts, hanging shelters.

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September 12th, 2022

CMP New England Games Next Week — September 18-25, 2022

2021 CMP Games New England Electronic Targets

On September 18-25, the CMP 2022 New England Games will take place in Jericho, Vermont. Hosted by the Vermont State Rifle and Pistol Association and the Burlington Rifle and Pistol Club, the New England Games will be conducted at the Camp Ethan Allen Training Site, a beautiful facility — as you can see below.

CMP games new england

CLICK HERE to Register for 2022 CMP New England Games »

New England Games Registration is still open. Competitors are encouraged to register right away, though interested shooters will also be able to register for additional matches while attending the event. The CMP expects over 150 competitors this year. The New England Games have become extremely popular for the breathtaking views and serene environment, and the excellent electronic target system.

2017 CMP Games New England Electronic Targets

The 2022 New England Games will feature the CMP’s electronic High Power targets. The electronic target system is now well-sorted and provides accurate scoring. Shooters have monitors right at their shooting stations, providing instant scoring info — no more waiting for the targets to be marked manually. And with the elimination of pit duty allowed by the target system, matches are completed more quickly.

Here’s the view from the berm, looking back to the firing line…
new england cmp games 2017 camp ethan Allen

new england cmp games 2017 camp ethan Allen

Similar to the Eastern, Western, and Oklahoma CMP Travel games, the New England Games features a variety of competitive shooting matches. The CMP Highpower Rifle Matches include a 4-Man Team Match, two CMP 800 Aggregate Matches followed by an EIC Service Rifle Match. Following the CMP HP Matches will be the CMP Games Matches. The CMP Games Matches include Rifle Marksmanship 101 & M16 Match (formerly SAFS), Garand/Springfield/Vintage/Modern Military Matches, Carbine Match, Rimfire Sporter Match and Vintage Sniper Team Match. There are also several pistol matches for competitors to fire including CMP As-Issued 1911 Pistol Match, EIC Service Pistol Match, and .22 Rimfire Pistol EIC Match.

There will also be a GSM New Shooter Clinic and an M1 Maintenance Clinic during the event. CMP Sales will be at NE Games with a limited supply of rifles. They will also have ammo available for purchase.

IMPORTANT — Magazine Restrictions. To comply with a relatively new Vermont law, competitors may NOT bring 20-round magazines into Vermont. Competitors may use 10-round magazines during the New England Games to be compliant with the new Vermont State Law. Note, however, you may BORROW a 20-round magazine from a member of the Vermont State Rifle and Pistol Association after your arrival to Camp Ethan Allen. Contact a CMP associate during check-out process for magazine loans.

High Praise for Venue and Match
Competitors at past CMP New England Games were mightily impressed by Camp Ethan Allen, a beautiful venue. “I was blown away by the facilities at Camp Ethan Allen,” said Steve Cooper, CMP North general manager. “The grounds were neatly manicured, our offices for registration and sales were very convenient and the classrooms were perfect for our clinics.” Photos from past events are posted on the CMP’s Zenfolio website.

The CEATS Pistol Range hosted both centerfire and rimfire matches in a lovely, tree-lined setting.
New England Games CMP CEATS SAFS

Learn More about the CMP New England Games
For registration, travel, and housing information, visit the New England Games Page on the CMP website. If you have questions, Contact Vera Snyder at or call 888-267-0796, ext. 782. Competitors can also find more housing information here at

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September 12th, 2022

Resources for Hunters — Safety, Where-To-Hunt, Best Books

hunting safety 2019 checklist hunter license
Hunting Season has already started in some states, and is right around the corner in other locations. For readers who plan to hunt game this fall, we recommend you brush up on hunter safety and learn the laws in your jurisdiction. Here are some helpful resources for hunters: Safety Tips, Hunter Education, License Requirements, and Where-to-Hunt interactive map. Top photo courtesy Horn Fork Guides, Ltd., in Colorado.

Hunter Safety Tips has a good article listing seven salient safety tips for hunters. Anyone preparing for a fall hunt should read this article before heading into the field. Here are three key bits of advice:

1. Be Positive of Your Target before Shooting
This might sound overly simplistic, but the fact remains that, every year during whitetail season, farmers everywhere are forced to spray-paint their cattle or risk having them “harvested” by hunters who don’t bother confirming the species of the large ungulate in their sights. Why does this happen? The most likely explanation is “buck fever,” meaning that the hunter wants so badly to see a nice big buck that sometimes his eyes deceive him into thinking that there’s one there. When in doubt, don’t shoot.

2. Scopes Are Not Binoculars
Never use a riflescope as a substitute for binoculars. The temptation to do so is real, but when one does this, one is by definition pointing the muzzle of the gun at unknown targets.

3. Know When to Unload
When finished hunting, unload your firearm before returning to camp. You should also unload your gun before attempting to climb a steep bank or travel across slippery ground.

Where to hunt hunting license state information NSSF


There’s a great online resource for hunters that will help you find game locations in your state and ensure you have all the proper permits and game tags. features an interactive map of the country. For all 50 states, the NSSF has compiled information about hunting license and permits, where to hunt, hunter education classes, laws and regulations and more. For each state you’ll also find a link for required applications and license forms.

Click Map to Get State-by-State Hunting INFO
Where to Hunt hunting license game location

Hunting Affiliation Groups
There are many good organizations dedicated to promoting hunting and preserving our hunting habitats. These groups all offer valuable information for hunters:

Ducks Unlimited
Mule Deer Foundation
National Wild Turkey Federation
Pheasants Forever
Quail Forever
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Safari Club International
Whitetails Unlimited

Recommended Books about Hunting

There’s no shortage of hunting-related reading material by talented authors. Here are some of the best books written about hunting:

Hemingway on Hunting by Ernest Hemingway

A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold

Meditations on Hunting by Jose Ortega y Gasset

It’s Only Slow Food Until You Try to Eat It by Bill Heavey

The Beginner’s Guide to Hunting Deer for Food by Jackson Landers

Whitetail Nation: My Season in Pursuit of the Monster Buck by Peter Bodo

Beyond Fair Chase: The Ethic and Tradition of Hunting by Jim Posewitz

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