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September 15th, 2022

Nammo Will Build New Vihtavuori Primer Factory in Finland

Nammo vihtavuori VV rifle pistol primer finland factory 100th Anniversary

Nammo Announces Plans for Vihtavuori Primer Factory in Finland
During Vihtavuori’s recent 100th anniversary celebration, Nammo Group CEO Morton Brandzaeg announced plans for the construction of a new Vihtavuori primer factory in Vihtavuori, Finland. The new Vihtavuori factory was mentioned in Brandzaeg’s keynote speech to strategic partners in military and civilian markets. The new factory should commence production in 2025.

The €33 million Euro investment will help ensure the security of supply needs for Nordic defense forces and will bolster the resilience of Nammo’s supply chain. The new primer factory is scheduled for completion in 2025 to meet military needs, with consumer sales as early as 2027.

Nammo vihtavuori VV rifle pistol primer finland factory 100th AnniversaryThe new primer factory could eventually produce a projected 400 million primers annually. The factory will employ up to 50 new personnel. Nammo states the new primer factory “will help ensure the security of supply needs for Nordic defense forces and will bolster the resilience of Nammo’s supply chain”. The decision to establish the factory was made to ensure primer supplies for the Nordic Defense Forces and respond to the current high demand for commercial ammunition components.

Nammo CEO Brandzaeg stated, “Following Russia’s war with Ukraine, a credible and resilient defense is increasingly important in the Nordic region. This significant investment for Nammo underlines our commitment to supporting defense forces in the Nordic region to secure the future.”

About Vihtavuori: Since 1922, Vihtavuori has produced high-quality smokeless powder for civilian, military, and industrial markets. Vihtavuori propellants are world renowned for their temperature stability, clean burning characteristics, and excellent lot-to-lot consistency. Vihtavuori is imported by Capstone Precision Group, exclusive U.S. distributors for Vihtavuori, Lapua, Berger, and SK-Rimfire products. For more information, visit

About Nammo: The international Nammo Group is a Nordic defense company whose main markets are North America, the Nordic countries, and Europe. The Group operates in 12 countries with 28 different production facilities and employs approximately 2,700 people.

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September 15th, 2022

Weakside Bolt Placement — When and Why It Works

left port McMillan Rifle

Most bolt-action rifle shooters work the bolt with their trigger-pulling hand. This is because most rifles sold to right-handed shooters come with right-side bolts, while “lefty” rifles come with left-side bolts. This “standard” configuration requires the shooter to take his dominant, trigger-pulling hand off the stock to cycle the bolt, then re-position his hand on the stock, and “re-claim” the trigger. Often the shooter must lift or move his head to work the bolt, and that also requires him to re-establish his cheek weld after each and every shot. Not good.

This really doesn’t make much sense for precision shooting with fore-end support*. There is a better way. If you leave your trigger hand in position and work the bolt (and feed rounds) with the opposite hand, then you don’t need to shift grip and head position with each shot. All this requires is a weakside-placed bolt, i.e. a left bolt for a right-handed shooter or a right bolt for a left-handed shooter. The video below shows a “Lefty” working a right bolt. Note how efficient this is:

As our friend Boyd Allen explains: “If you think about it, if you are going to work with a factory action where your options are left bolt and left port or right bolt and right port, and you are building a rifle that will only be shot from a rest, using the left/left for a RH shooter or using a right/right for a LH shooter works better than the conventional configuration”.

Shoot Like a Champ and Work the Bolt with Your Weakside Hand
Derek Rodgers, the reigning F-TR World Champion and the only person to have won BOTH F-Open and F-TR U.S. National Championships plus the King of 2 Miles Match, runs this kind of “opposite” bolt set-up. Yep, Derek shoots right-handed with a left bolt. Though Derek is a right-hander, he shoots with a Left Bolt/Left Port (LBLP) action. He pulls the trigger with his right index finger, while working the left-side bolt with his left (weakside) hand. This allows him to stay in position, and maintain his cheekweld. He places his right hand on the grip, while manipulating the bolt (and feeding rounds) with his non-trigger-pulling hand.

Recent F-TR World Champion and King of 2 Miles Derek Rodgers
left port McMillan Rifle Derek Rodgers

This is the rifle with which Derek won the 2013 F-TR National Championship.
left port McMillan Rifle Derek Rodgers

*For true standing, off-hand shooting (whether in competition or on a hunt), a conventional strongside bolt placement makes sense, since the non-dominant arm must support the front of the rifle all the time. When shooting from bipod or rest, it’s a different story.

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September 15th, 2022

Free NRA Printable Hunting Targets

hunting NRA Blog Target deer buck turkey hog PDF printable target

Hunting season has started in many parts of the country… or will very soon. Before you head out to the hunting fields, you may want to practice your shooting on specialty paper targets designed expressly for hunters. Here is a selection of game targets which can help you achieve success this hunting season.

hunting winchester
Fall Winchester Hunting photo with Nikki Boxler from Winchester Blog.

FREE Printable Game Targets from the NRA

To help you prepare for your fall hunts, has created a set of color practice hunting targets. You can hone your skills on a trio of bucks, three wild hogs, or three turkeys. Each target features three red bullseyes, centered on the animals. You can print the targets in black and white, but they look best in color. Click on each image below to download a FREE printable PDF file.

Right-Click Each Image to Download Printable PDF File:

hunting NRA Blog Target deer buck turkey hog PDF printable target

hunting NRA Blog Target deer buck turkey hog PDF printable target

hunting NRA Blog Target deer buck turkey hog PDF printable target

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