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September 3rd, 2022

Saturday at the Movies: How Firearms Work — 3D Animations

Saturday movies Matt Rittman 3D animation AK47 AR-15 Glock 19 M16 bolt-action pump-action computer graphics Kar 98-K modern sporting rifle

372,000,000 views! Today’s five feature videos have, collectively, been viewed 372 million times on YouTube. Today’s Saturday special features five remarkable animated firearms videos from Matt Rittman, a very talented computer graphic artist. Matt employs multiple software programs to create these incredibly detailed animations. His software tools of the trade include Cinema 4D, Substance Painter, and Corona renderer. Don’t think this is easy. Some of these videos took over 500 man-hours to create. Enjoy!

AR-15 Full Animation — Components and Function

While there are other AR-15 animations on YouTube, we think this is the most accurate and creative, showing the function of a wide variety of components, including the bolt carrier, extractor, trigger, stock buffer, safety system, forward assist, and mag release. It also shows modes of a military M16, showing 3-round burst fire, and full-auto, employing disconnectors and auto sear. If you are planning to assemble/disassemble an AR, this is definitely worth watching start to finish. This video has recorded over 2 million views in just three weeks!

Elements of Video:

0:15 Ammunition Loading
0:58 Bolt Locking
1:37 Forward Assist
1:56 Firing Sequence
2:58 Extraction & Ejection
3:16 Hammer Reset / Cartridge Feed
3:48 Trigger Reset

4:00 Auto Fire
4:58 Burst Fire
6:22 Bolt Catch
6:40 Sights
7:33 Adjustable Stock
7:50 Ejection Port Cover

Mauser Kar-98K Bolt Action Rifle video

This elaborate 3D animation shows how a Mauser-type Karabiner 98 Kurz (aka Kar-98K) bolt-action rifle works. Substance Painter was used to create the wood stock texture. Creator Matt Rittman states that this 3.7 minute video took over 500 man-hours to create. You have to admire the dedication involved in that kind of hard work.

Elements of Video:

0:21 Cocking the Action
0:41 Loading
0:55 Ammunition Feeding
1:15 Firing Sequence

1:52 Extraction & Ejection
2:28 Safety Operation
2:59 Bolt Sleeve Lock

Glock 19 (Gen 4) — Inside and Out and Function

This 3D animation video shows the popular Glock 19 (Gen 4) pistol. This modern, polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol has constant trigger pull for all shots. Some folks call this a DAO (double-action-only) trigger but that’s not really correct. Unlike the Model 1911, on a Glock there is no external safety on the frame or slide. The trigger “shoe” (the part that contacts finger) includes a central blade. This prevents the gun from firing unless the trigger is depresses normally. Glock calls this the “safe action”. The creator, Matt Rittman states: “Cinema 4D was used to create each individual part, as well as animating everything. Substance Painter was used to create the main textures. Corona renderer was used to render everything. This animation [with 84.6 million views] took me over 500 hours to create.”

Elements of Video:

0:11 Basic Function
0:39 Case Extraction
0:47 Cartridge Loading
1:02 Trigger Reset
1:28 Trigger Safety

1:40 Firing Pin Safety
1:53 Drop Safety
2:06 Barrel Rifling
2:21 Cartridge Feed

How a Pump Shotgun Works

Pump shotguns are essential firearms for hunting and home defense. The clever design of pump-action shotguns make them reliable even when feeding large diameter, blunt-ended 12 gauge shot-shells.

Elements of Video:

0:26 Ammunition Loading
0:57 Shell Carrier
1:13 Shell Latches
1:47 Bolt Locking
1:57 Firing Sequence

2:17 Shotgun Shell Anatomy
2:33 Shot Propulsion
2:51 Extraction & Ejection
3:10 Hammer / Trigger Reset

How a Full-Auto AK-47 Rifle Works

With 226 million views, this AK-47 video might just be the most-watched firearms tech video on YouTube. The video highlights the design features the account for the AK’s legendary reliability. For viewers with an eye to detail Matt adds this clarification: “The firing pin does NOT puncture the bullet primer. It just strikes it against the anvil, initiating the firing sequence.”

Elements of Video:

0:17 Firing Sequence
0:27 Cartridge Anatomy
0:49 Extraction & Ejection

0:55 Ammunition Feed
1:01 Hammer Reset
1:23 Automatic Fire

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September 3rd, 2022

Big Hunting Gear Giveaway Contest — Guns, Optics, and More

alien gear contest hunting season prize package vortex rossi

Are you feeling lucky? Here is one of the better hunting season prize packages we’ve seen in recent years. It’s easy enough to enter to win an impressive collection of products including a lever-action rifle, Taurus Tracker revolver, multiple Vortex optics products, knives and much more. There is no purchase necessary for a chance to win.

Alien Gear Holsters, American manufacturer of holsters and firearms accessories, has pulled together some of the top brands in the industry to create an impressive hunting season giveaway for 2022. There’s a massive collection of cool products for the 2022 Hunting Season Prize Package. Shawn Hostetter, CEO of Alien Gear Holsters, states: “All together this prize package is worth several thousand dollars and would make an incredible start to hunting season, or a fantastic gift for the hunter in the family.”

alien gear contest hunting season prize package vortex rossi

Products Included in the impressive Prize Package:

- A Rossi R92 Rifle .44 Magnum 16″ barrel, 8-round capacity
– A Taurus Tracker Revolver
– Eberlestock Vapor 500 Backpack w/ Scabbard
– Vortex Diamondback HD 16 – 48 X 65 Spotting Scope
– Vortex Diamondback HD 2000 Rangefinder
– Vortex Viper HD 10 X 42 Binoculars
– Tactacam Spotter LR Spotting Scope Camera
– A 103 Skinner Knife and A 657 Pursuit Large Guthook Knife
– O-Light Javelot Turbo Light and Mounting Hardware w/ Remote Switch
– A Quake Kits Reasonably Prepared Emergency Kit
– Aid-PAK Gen-2 from Urban Medical Gear
– Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Chest Holster and Cloak Slide Holster
– Bigfoot Gun Belts OD Green Tactical Belt
– Shot IQ Precision Pistol Course from Joel Turner

alien gear contest hunting season prize package vortex rossi

It’s easy to enter by filling out Online Entry Form. Eligible participants have until September 30, 2022, to enter for a random chance to win this ultimate hunting package.

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September 3rd, 2022

How to Clear-Coat Laminated Wood Stocks

Laminated wood stocks offer an excellent combination of price and performance, and they can be obtained in a myriad of styles to suit your discipline — hunting, benchrest, tactical, silhouette, or high power. Laminated stocks can be a little trickier to finish compared to a hardwood such as walnut, as laminates are often delivered in bright or highly contrasting colors. Traditional wood finishes can alter the colors. Also, filling the pores in laminated stocks is an issue.

Automotive clear-coat products have become popular for finishing laminated wood stocks because they won’t alter the stock’s colors, and the clear-coat provides a durable weather-resistant finish. Clear-coat is also easy to “touch up” and it fills pores better than some other alternatives. Mike Ricklefs has written a comprehensive article on stock painting that includes a special section on clear-coating over laminated woods. If you want to clear-coat a stock, Mike’s article is a must-read!

In that Stock Painting Article, Mike offers these tips:

1. When finishing laminated stocks with clear-coat, you need to prepare the wood carefully, and build up quite a few thin layers one at a time. Begin by sanding, with progressively finer paper, all the way to 400 grit. Certain laminated stocks are so rough when they come from the stock-maker, that you may have to be very aggressive at first. But be careful with angles and the edges of flats. You don’t want to round these off as you sand.

2. After sanding, use compressed air to blow out all dust from the pores of the wood. This is very important to avoid a “muddy” looking finish. If you don’t blow the dust out with air before spraying the clear it will migrate out as you apply the clear. Also, after each sanding session, clean your painting area to remove excess dust. I also wet down the floor of my spray booth to keep the dust down.

3. Some painters recommended using a filler to close the pores. That’s one technique, but the filler can detract from the clarity of the final finish. Rather than use a pore-filling sealer, I use a high solids or “build” clear for the initial applications. This is slightly thicker than “finish” clear and does a good job of sealing the pores. Three (3) fairly heavy coats of “build” clear are applied. If you get a thick spot or a run in the finish at this point, it is not the end of the world but this does create more sanding work.”

There is a helpful thread in our Shooters’ Forum that discusses the use of clear-coating on laminated stocks. Member BHoges offered this advice: “Stick with Diamont, Glassurit, and Spies. If anyone has questions, I painted cars for a long time.”

Clear-coat Laminated woodForum member Preacher, whose bolt-action pistol is shown at right, states: “I buy my two-part clear-coat from the local NAPA dealer. They recommended Crossfire mixed 4:1. I really like the end results. There are six coats on that stock that were sanded down to bare wood for the first two, and then 600 wet-sanded for the other four coats. Two to three coats would be sufficient if the pores were filled first, but I would rather fill ‘em with the clear as it seems to make it appear deeper and I have the time to devote to it. I have PPG’s Deltron DC 3000 clear-coat on a few stocks of mine, but I like the NAPA better price wise, and it seems to hold up just as good as the Deltron.”

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