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September 16th, 2022

Get Smart — Access’s Tech Articles Archive technical articles

AccurateShooter.comReaders who have just recently discovered the Daily Bulletin may not realize that has hundreds of reference articles in our archives. These authoritative articles are divided into multiple categories, so you can easily view stories by topic (such as competition, tactical, rimfire, optics, shooting skills etc.). One of the most popular categories is our Technical Articles Collection. On a handy index page (with thumbnails for every story), you’ll find over 120 articles covering technical and gunsmithing topics. These articles can help you with major projects (such as stock painting), and they can also help you build more accurate ammo. Here are six popular selections from our Technical Articles archive.

pillar Bedding

Stress-Free Pillar Bedding. Richard Franklin explains how to do a top-quality bedding job, start to finish.

Gun Safe Technical Buyers Guide

Gun Safe Buyers Guide. Our comprehensive Safe Buyers Guide examines the key features to consider in a safe — Wall Thickness, Volume, Shelving, Fire Rating, Lighting, Weight and more. We also explain the Pros/Cons of Dial vs. Digital (Keypad) locking systems.

Savage Action Tuning Torque Settings

Savage Action Tuning. Top F-TR shooter Stan Pate explains how to enhance the performance of your Savage rifle by optimizing the torque settings of the action screws.

Precision Case Prep for Reloading

Complete Precision Case Prep. Jake Gottfredson covers the complete case prep process, including brass weight sorting, case trimming, primer pocket uniforming, neck-sizing, and, case-neck turning.

rifle stock painting and spraying

Stock Painting Instructions. Step-by-step guide for stock painting by expert Mike Ricklefs. Mike shows both simple coverage and fancy effects.

Ultrasound ultrasonic CAse Cleaning

Ultrasonic Case Cleaning. This article reviews the recommended process for cleaning cartridge brass with ultrasonic cleaning machine. We cover the right liquid solutions, processing times, and case drying options.

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September 16th, 2022

Target Sports USA Prime Day Event on September 19, 2022

target sports usa ammunition ammo prime memberships contest Ford F150 truck giveaway

Target Sports USA, a major online ammo and shooting accessories vendor, celebrates Prime Day on September 19, 2022. The Prime event, which has featured daily specials, concludes on September 19 with a day of Ammo Deals. There is also a major prize — a new Ford F150 4X4 Truck worth $53,000! Target Sports USA created Prime Day to encourage ammo shoppers to become prime members. This entitles them to significant discounts, FREE shipping, and other benefits. SEE:

target sports usa ammunition ammo prime memberships contest Ford F150 truck giveaway

How to Win the PRIME DAY Ford F150 Truck Grand Prize

Four contestants will be randomly selected from entries all around the USA. Target Sports USA will give those four contestants an all-expense paid trip to tour its Connecticut warehouse and attend a party, where the PRIME TRUCK WINNER will be selected by drawing. The other three finalists will get thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. (See Prize Package Descriptions below).

How to Enter Contest: Those who sign up as new Target Sports USA Prime members ($95 per year) are automatically entered. You can also enter for FREE with a mail-in form. SEE CONTEST RULES.

What’s the Advantage of Being a PRIME MEMBER?
A Prime membership supplies extra discounts for shooting sports enthusiasts. For example, Target Sports USA Prime members get 8% off already great ammo prices, zero shipping cost, and a 3-hour priority alert notice about new or restocked items. The average Prime member yearly savings is $390.00.

target sports usa ammunition ammo prime memberships contest Ford F150 truck giveaway
target sports usa ammunition ammo prime memberships contest Ford F150 truck giveaway

To learn more, visit

Contest Prizes — Details and Values
PRIZES: The four (4) confirmed eligible Winners will attend the October 22, 2022, Prime Day Party Event, to participate in a random drawing, where each Winner is to win ONE of the following prizes:

• One (1) Grand Prize Winner is to be awarded a 2022 FORD F-150, 4X4 Supercrew, 2.7L V6 Ecoboost, Iconic Silver Metallic exterior and Black/Medium Dark Slate interior Pickup Truck. Approximate Kelly Blue Book (KBB) vehicle value is $53,000. Includes a Target Sports USA package of accessories and ammo at an Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) $2,000. Total Grand Prize Pool Value is $55,000.
• One (1) First Prize Winner is to be awarded a QuiteKat Electric Bike. (ARV $5,000). Plus, a Target Sports USA Prize Package of Accessories (ARV $2,000). Total First Prize Pool is ARV $7,000.
• One (1) Second Prize Winner is to be awarded a Target Sports USA Prize Package of Accessories and Ammo (ARV $2,000). Plus, a Target Sports USA $1,000 Gift Card. Total First Prize Pool ARV is $3,000.
• One (1) Third Prize Winner is to be awarded a Target Sports USA Prize Package of Accessories and Ammo (ARV $2,000). Total Third Prize Pool ARV is $2,000 (USD).
• Total Grand to Third level Prize Pool ARV is $67,000 (not counting travel awards).

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September 16th, 2022

Handy, Slip-On $19.95 Forearm Pad Is Great for Hunters

RRR gun rest padded neoprene

Getting ready for your 2021 fall hunt? Here’s a simple but effective product that can benefit varminters and game-hunters. The slip-on, padded RRR (“triple R”) gun rest cushions your rifle on any surface and helps eliminate noise when shifting the gun from one shooting position to another. The RRR slip-on rest is made of neoprene (wet suit material) with a built-in, thick Armaflex foam cushion on the bottom. This $19.95 sleeve protects the finish of your rifle, while providing a cushioned layer between your rifle and the supporting surface. CLICK HERE for RRR STORE.

Key Benefits of the RRR Slip-On Padded Fore-Arm Rest
1. The RRR sleeve cushions your rifle. This helps to keep the shot from going high even when the rifle is placed on a hard surface.
2. The RRR sleeve quiets the gun. The padded, neoprene covering acts like a sound deadener even when you set the gun on a metal frame or hard surface..
3. The RRR protects the finish on the stock of your rifle from scratches when resting on hard surfaces.

RRR gun rest padded neoprene

Video Shows RRR in Use in the Field

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