October 9th, 2022

MTM Cleaning Rod Case — Useful Product We Really Like

mtm cleaning rod box transport case

Here’s a cool product that makes it easier to stow and/or transport your precious cleaning rods. Sure you can tuck a single rod in a gun case, but what if you want to carry a variety of rods to the range? This affordable MTM Gun Cleaning Rod Case (CRC) holds up to four (4) rods securely, and keeps solvent residues off your fine firearms.

MTM’s bright red Cleaning Rod Case (CRC) will hold four rifle or shotgun cleaning rods up to 47″ long. Each rod is held in an individual slot and there are foam inserts on either end, making transportation secure and rattle-free. You don’t have to worry about the rods banging into each other. We like the fact that MTM has cleverly included multi-sized “corrals” to hold patches from large to small. Plus there is plenty of room to hold jags and brushes.

We’ve used this cleaning rod case, now just $19.19 on Amazon, and can recommend it. Forum member TIMO agrees: “Just received one, 100% worth the investment. Got it from Midsouth Shooters Supply.”

mtm cleaning rod box transport case

MTM explains the benefits: “Long gun enthusiasts no longer have to fumble and search for miscellaneous cleaning equipment since it will all be in an easy to access container.”

MTM V.P. explains Gun Cleaning Rod Case Features:

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mtm cleaning rod box transport case

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