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February 2nd, 2024

Federal Judge Rules California Ammo Laws Are Unconstitutional

Federal judge benitez injunction ammunition ammo background check second amendment

UPDATE: On 2/5/2024, the 9th Circuit granted a stay of Judge Benitez’s injunction ruling. So Californians may NOT purchase ammunition from out of state. CLICK Here for CRPA update and watch video below for details.

Federal judge benitez injunction ammunition ammo background check second amendment

NOTE: The Benitez Ruling Explained Below Has Been Blocked by the 9th Circuit

Big news for California gun owners. You can now purchase ammunition online and have it shipped directly to your residence in California. And you can purchase ammo at California gun shops without paying for a background check. A Federal Judge has issued an injunction that blocks application of California laws requiring costly background checks for ammo purchases. NOTE: Right now, Californians can buy ammo without these restrictions, but it is possible that the Ninth Circuit could change things very soon. Act now while you can. Being able to mail-order ammunition from major vendors outside California makes ammo more affordable for Californians.

On January 30, 2024, in the case of Rhode v. Bonta, U.S. Federal District Court Judge Roger Benitez issued an order blocking the application of California laws which place severe limits on ammunition purchases by Californians. Benitez ruled that California’s laws requiring background checks on ammunition purchases were unconstitutional and invalid on multiple grounds. As noted by the San Diego Union-Tribune: “U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez ruled that such restrictions violate the Second Amendment. He also ruled that the portion of the law restricting out-of-state purchases violated the dormant Commerce Clause and is preempted by federal law regulating interstate transportation of firearms.”

Washington Gun Law Video Explains the Key Legal Points of Judge Benitez’s Order:

The Associated Press reports: “California residents don’t have to pay for and pass a background check every time they buy bullets, a federal judge has ruled. The Tuesday [1/30/2024] ruling by U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez took effect immediately. California Attorney General Rob Bonta [then] asked Benitez on Wednesday to delay the ruling[.]” Subsequently, Judge Benitez issued an order denying Bonta’s stay request. So, until the 9th Circuit acts, the injunction stands and Californians can buy ammo without a background check.

Four years ago, in April 2020, Judge Benitez had issued a preliminary injunction blocking California’s ammo background check laws. But days later the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stay of that injunction, effectively negating the Benitez ruling, and putting California’s unconstitutional laws back into effect. But there have been significant changes now based on recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions, in particular the Bruen case: “After the Supreme Court’s 2022 ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen, the 9th Circuit sent the case back to Benitez to be relitigated under that new framework, which holds that modern gun laws must be ‘consistent with the nation’s historical tradition of firearm regulation’.” (SD Union-Tribune).

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February 2nd, 2024

Save Money Using for Firearms Shipping ups shipping service pistol handgun rifle shotgun label insurance FFL

If you want to ship handguns, as a private party (non-FFL), there are now very limited options. You cannot use the U.S. Postal Service, and, since September 2021, you cannot use FEDEX. Yes, that’s right, FEDEX no longer allows non-FFLs to ship handguns. And now UPS also requires firearms shippers to have a Federal license: “Shipments containing Firearm Products are accepted for transportation only from shippers who are federally licensed and have an approved UPS agreement for the transportation of Firearm Products.” (SEE UPS Rules).

So going through an FFL is the only option. There IS an alternative that can save you significant money. By ordering your shipping labels from, you could save $50 or more on UPS handgun shipping. It is quick and easy. ups shipping service pistol handgun rifle shotgun label insurance has a large FFL database, so you can verify the recipient’s address and FFL status. The website has a simple to use label-printing process.

All handgun shipments are fulfilled via next day air. Long guns are shipped quickly via ground and typically arrive within 3-5 business days. (NOTE: For rifles and shotguns it is still possible to use U.S. Postal Service and FEDEX, following their rules.) ups shipping service pistol handgun rifle shotgun label insurance FFL

How Works

Go to Click the Create Shipment/Get Started Link. The choose handgun or long gun (rifle, shotgun). Use the FFL Database to find the address for the FFL shop to which the gun will be shipped. All shipments must go to an FFL. Then you fill out the billing information. After confirming all the info, print the label. Then you attach the label to your shipment box and take it to a participating UPS facility. (NOTE: some private UPS stores will NOT handle ANY firearms).

Shipping Questions? Read the FAQ Page has a helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page. We suggest you read over this before your first shipment. GO TO FAQ PAGE.

Here are some notable Questions & Answers:

Q. Can I ship ammo with my gun?

A. NO, it is against the law to include ammo with your firearm shipment. Loose ammo or boxed ammo cannot be included. Also, inspect (clear) your firearm to ensure it is NOT LOADED prior to packaging.

Q. Should I include identification?

A. Yes, you MUST include a copy of your driver’s license. Dealers will not accept a private party transfer without it. Failing to include your drivers license could delay the recipient from being able to accept their transfer or result in the firearm being returned to you at an additional cost.

Q. Are there any restrictions on what I can and cannot ship?

A. Simply put, yes. You can find our restrictions on our State Restrictions Page. Please note: it is your responsibility to ensure that the firearm you are shipping is legal to own at its destination. If it is not, the dealer who receives the firearm will not transfer it to its intended recipient[.]

About is a division of The business has now shipped over 1 million guns for over 250,000 customers. This allows to pass on significant discounts for both private party shippers and FFL shippers.

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February 2nd, 2024

Reloading TIP — O-Rings Can Help Reduce Run-out When Sizing

reloading die O-ring
reloading die O-ring

Here’s an inexpensive procedure that can help you load straighter ammo, with slightly better measured concentricity (i.e. less run-out) on the case necks and bullets. Simply use a Rubber O-Ring on the underside of the die locking ring. This allows the die to self-align itself (slightly) to the case that is being sized. Without the O-Ring, if the flat surface on the top of your press is not perfectly square with the thread axis, your die can end up slightly off-angle. This happens when the bottom of the locking ring butts up tight against the top of the press. The O-Ring allows the die to float slightly, and that may, in turn, reduce the amount of run-out induced during case sizing.

Top prone shooter GSArizona, who sadly passed last year, tried this trick and said it works: “Go to your local hardware store and get a #17 O-Ring (that’s the designation at Ace Hardware, don’t know if its universal). Slip the O-Ring on the die and re-adjust the lock ring so that the O-Ring is slightly compressed when the die is at the correct height. Size and measure a few more cases. You will probably see a slight improvement in neck concentricity as the die can now float a bit as the case enters and leaves it. This isn’t going to be a dramatic improvement, but it’s a positive one.”

We want to stress that adding O-Rings to sizing dies may help some reloaders, but we don’t offer this as a panacea. Try it — if using the O-Ring reduces measured runout that’s great. If it doesn’t, you’ve only spent a few pennies to experiment.

reloading die O-ring

Lee Precision makes die lock rings with built-in O-Rings. Lee’s distinctive lock ring design allows the same kind of self-alignment, which is good. However, Lee lock rings don’t clamp in place on the die threads, so they can move when you insert or remove the dies — and that can throw off your die setting slightly. By using an O-Ring under a conventional die lock ring (that can be locked in place), you get the advantages of the Lee design, without the risk of the lock ring moving.

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