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February 10th, 2024

Saturday Movies: 2024 New Guns and Optics — Video Showcase

new products rifles pistols backfire shot show 2024 las vegas

SHOT Show 2024 had thousands of new products on display, including interesting lightweight hunting rifles, innovative optics-ready pistols, cool new compact Radar chronographs, and a variety of high-quality optics. In today’s video showcase we feature four new product videos from SHOT Show 2024. Plus we include a fifth bonus video — an interesting interview with Montana Governor Greg Gianforte.

Backfire (Jim Harmer) Channel at SHOT Show

Here’s a lengthy, 41-minute video from the Backfire YouTube Channel. Host Jim Harmer (a bright chap and trained attorney) visits dozens of booths to showcase new firearms and new products. This video is worth watching start to finish (but perhaps in multiple sessions). Hunters should check out the offerings from Tikka (13:57), Howa (16:54), Savage (18:27), and Bergara (25:56). If you’re considering buying a new chronograph, check out the hot-selling Garmin Xero C1 (8:08 time-mark) and brand new, compact LabRadar LX (7:42 time-mark).

0:27 Taurus
1:29 Kriss Vector Gen 3
1:57 KelTec Sub 2000 Gen 3
2:37 CVA
4:00 Guntubers
5:22 Christensen Arms Evoke
6:22 Browning X-bolt 2
7:42 Labradar LX
8:08 Garmin Xero C1
8:51 Caldwell Velociradar
9:35 Benelli Lupo HPR
10:00 Franchi Momentum
10:11 Stoeger 100-yr Anniv. shotgun
10:41 Canik
12:33 Backstop Recoil Pad
13:57 Tikka
15:33 Woox Superleggerra
16:54 Howa
18:00 Citadel Mariner
18:27 Savage
19:13 Custom Gun from Thumbnail
19:33 Sako 90
21:14 Lightning round
22:30 Ruger American Gen 2
23:14 Hammer Targets
23:57 CZ 600
25:56 Bergara
28:54 Gunwerks
30:56 Fierce
34:15 Burris
36:27 Fim’s
37:46 Beretta
38:34 Elands River Safaris
39:25 PSA Daniel Defense
40:01 Aero Precision

savage 110 ultralite elite 2024 lite
bergara mgmicro lite rifle 2024

Classic Fireams — Rifles, Pistols, and Vivek Ramaswamy

Here is another lengthy video that covers a wide variety of products and includes an interview with the very bright and articulate Vivek Ramaswamy, who was a Republican presidential candidate. The interview with Vivek starts at the 10:55 time-mark. In the gun realms, there were some interesting rifles shown by Stag Arms (13:48), and upper receivers and stock accessories from VLTOR (28:39). And at 17:18, new pistols from Ed Brown are featured. The video begins with new suppressors for HUXWRX at 2:23.

10:55 Vivek Ramaswamy Interview
13:48 Stag Arms
17:18 Ed Brown
24:10 Shadow Systems
28:39 VLTOR
40:24 Modlite
46:20 Hi-Point
48:38 Toast Target
57:26 Range System

March Scopes — F-Class John interviews Gary Costello

Our friend F-Class John visited the March Optics booth to interview UK Ace F-Class shooter Gary Costello and March representative Mary, who traveled from March headquarters in Japan. John and Gary talked about the March-X 8-80x56mm Majesta “High Master” scope which John has fitted on his own match rifle. This is an amazing SFP optic offering a full 10X magnification range and six reticle choices.

new products rifles pistols backfire shot show 2024 las vegas
new products rifles pistols backfire shot show 2024 las vegas

New Handguns from SHOT Show — James Reeves of TFB-TV

In this video, James Reeves of The Firearm Blog (TFB-TV) reviews five notable new or recently-updated pistols. James uses some fairly rough language at times, but he is a knowledgeable fellow who gets to shoot more different guns in a year than most of us can shoot in a decade or more. The five featured pistols are: Smith & Wesson “Ultimate Carry” Revolver (00:46), Zev OZ9c (his favorite of the show (2:20), Beretta PX4 Compact Carry 2 (3:33), Daniel Defense H9 (4:36), Beretta 30X Tomcat (see below).

new products rifles pistols backfire shot show 2024 las vegas

Bonus: Interview with Montana Governor Greg Gianforte

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte attended the 2024 SHOT Show and joined the NSSF tems to discuss the Second Amendment rights of Montana citizens and the importance of the firearm industry to his state. We wish more states had leaders like this who understand the heritage of the Second Amendment and how hunting fees support wildlife conservation efforts. If you can’t load this Facebook Video, CLICK HERE for YouTube version.

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February 10th, 2024

Transporting Firearms in Vehicles — What You Need to Know

Firearms gun safety safe storage transport vehicle car truck NSSF

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has prepared tips for gun owners transporting firearms in their vehicles. Whenever you are driving with guns (of any time), the firearms should be transported securely. In some states, the firearms must be in locked cases inside the vehicle. And, with the rise of break-ins on parked vehicles, it’s important to keep gun cases out of sight if possible. This article has tips on safe and secure gun transport.

firearms gun rifle pistol transport case

HERE Are Key Guidelines for Safe, Secure Handling of Firearms in Vehicles:

• Take note of and safely control the muzzle direction of firearms in vehicles. This is one of the main rules of gun safety and applies to the inside of vehicles as well as any other location.

• When finished using your firearm outside your vehicle, unload it before you re-enter your vehicle.

• Even after a long hunt or a day in the sun at the range, always check, and then double check, that guns are unloaded before placing them in a car or truck.

• Be very careful if you must unload a firearm in the confined space of a vehicle so as not to have an accidental discharge. If your location allows, it is safer and easier to unload the firearm outside the vehicle.

• Never leave firearms in parts of the vehicle accessible to children or pets.

• Keep firearms and ammunition out of sight to avoid tempting thieves.

• Use secure temporary storage for firearms in vehicles.

• A lockable gun case or a lock box may be the most practical choice to securely store a gun in a vehicle. These come in a range of prices and models.

• If you’re concerned about quick access to your firearm, many types of lockable safes allow for extremely fast access of your gun while at the same time helping to prevent unauthorized access.

• Secure the lock box to the vehicle, if possible. Some companies make custom concealed compartments for specific model vehicles.

Traveling firearms truck car vehicle storage

Firearms gun safety safe storage transport vehicle car truck NSSF

Storing Firearms in Vehicles to Prevent Theft and Misuse
We travel with our firearms all the time, taking them to the range, on hunting trips or carrying them on our person, as permitted by law. When you are transporting guns, the last thing you want is to have your gun stolen and potentially misused by a criminal. In some states, you could even be subject under the law to serious penalties and fines for failure to properly secure a firearm. Unfortunately, thefts of firearms from vehicles are on the rise. Thieves commonly steal cars and trucks even when they don’t obviously contain firearms — a reminder that vehicle door locks are not totally secure.

When you are not in your vehicle, all firearms should be placed in locked storage and out of sight. Locking the doors on your vehicle does not constitute secure firearm storage. As one writer put it: As one writer put it: “Cars and trucks aren’t safes. And they’re not holsters. They’re not storage containers.”

Firearms gun safety safe storage transport vehicle car truck NSSF

The glove compartment or console of your vehicle, even if lockable, should not be considered a secure storage device either, as it can be pried open quickly and is the first place a thief might look. If you need to leave a handgun in a vehicle, we recommend putting the guns in secure case, preferably out of sight. Many vehicles have a compartment, above the spare tire storage recess, which can be secured.

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February 10th, 2024

Short-Range Benchrest Competition Captured on Video

Benchrest IBS 100 yards 6PPC Video

We know that many of our readers have never personally participated in a short-range (100/200 yard) benchrest match. That’s understandable — moving backers are required in registered 100/200 benchrest (for group) matches, yet only a small percentage of ranges have that equipment. If you’re curious about the “point-blank” benchrest game, but haven’t had the chance to see it first-hand, check out this video created by youtuber “Taofledermaus”. On his YouTube Channel, you’ll find many other interesting shooting videos, including slow-motion target impact clips. This video shows the LV and HV guns, the flags, the gun-handling, the reloading set-ups, and of course, tiny little groups on targets.

Registered 100/200 Benchrest Match

Viewer Comments on the Video:

“There is a lot more to this game than just pulling the trigger. Record targets are 5-shot groups, 5 averaged together for an Aggregate. Most times the winning Agg is under .250″ for 25 shots at 100 yards. Rifles weigh 10.5 pounds for LV class. Used rifles can be had for about $1500. Then add in another $1000 for rest, bags, loading tools, bullets, powder, not to mention windflags.” — Vmhtr

“Benchrest shooting is sort of an ‘academy of shooting’. Lots of academic thought and measurements, handloading made with anal attention at detail. It’s much more thought than action. Most of those people made their tools themselves. [There are] It’s plenty of seniors because it takes patience, lots of patience. Sure a teenager ain’t gonna bother it.” — THP

“I was surprised they did all their hand loading right there on the spot. — I think you nailed it. It’s a super-precise sport. It’s expensive, it’s slow, and it requires a lot of travel, so it’s well-suited for retired folks. It’s gotta beat golfing!” — Tao

“I used to shoot 6mm PPC in a BR rifle. I spent so much time at the reloading bench that I just gave up on it all and switched to 22 rimfire gallery matches. Saved a lot of my sanity doing that….” — Walt

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