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February 3rd, 2024

Saturday Movies: Caldwell, LabRadar, Garmin Compact Chronos

caldwell velociradar garmin xero c1  chirp doppler bullet BC

After the hugely successful release of the compact Garmin Xero C1 Pro chronograph, two competitors are now playing “catch-up” with all-new compact radar chronographs. LabRadar has an impressive new unit, the LX Compact, while Caldwell introduced its midsized VelociRadar which employs innovative Chirp Radar technology. For today’s Saturday Video Showcase, we feature recent video reviews of these three notable Compact Radar Chronographs.

Caldwell VelociRadar

caldwell velociradar chirp doppler bullet BC

Caldwell showcased its all-new VelociRadar chronograph at SHOT Show 2024. This is quite a bit bigger than the Garmin Xero C1 Pro or the new LabRadar LX compact. But it is still relatively small compared to the original orange LabRadar unit.

Notably, the Caldwell VelociRadar uses a different mode of radar (Chirp Radar vs. Doppler) than other chronos, which offers some advantages. Caldwell states: “The Caldwell VelociRadar Chronograph is precision redefined with cutting-edge Chirp radar technology. This is no standard chronograph, while most chronographs stop at only providing muzzle velocity the VelociRadar tracks bullets downrange offering the full picture of ballistic performance. Using these downrange velocity measurements, the VelociRadar calculates true muzzle velocity, the bullet’s ballistic coefficient, and downrange energy.” Note that point about BCs — Caldwell says this new machine will let you calculate the true Ballistic Coefficients of your bullets as fired from your rifle.

LabRadar LX Compact

labradar x1 compact radar doppler bullet BC

LabRadar announced its new LabRadar LX compact Doppler radar chronograph at the 2024 SHOT Show. This is a truly compact unit, measuring just 2.5″ X 2.75″ X 2.75″. The LabRadar LX comes with a tough metal case, lifetime battery, and ships with a tripod. The unit has a velocity range of 65 to 5000 FPS and it can display Average, ES, SD, Min, and Max Velocity.

Observers at SHOT Show noted the LabRadar LX has a very bright, high-contrast LCD Screen for outdoor viewing. Overall, the exterior design and specs are impressive. Definitely watch both videos to understand the difference in features between the Garmin and this ultra-compact new LabRadar LX. If you’re shopping for a compact chrono it’s worth looking at all the options. The Garmin Xero C1 Pro is currently $599.99, while the new Labradar LX is $599.95.

Garmin Xero C1 Pro Chronograph

garmin radar chronograph xero x1 pro compact arca $599.99

The Garmin Xero® C1 Pro chronograph has already been a big success. After great initial test reports, this compact $599.99 chronograph has been selling out at vendors nationwide. With the performance and quality of the Xero C1 Pro, many LabRadar owners are putting their older orange radar chronos up for sale. Check out the features of this new compact radar chrono in this official product launch video from Garmin:

Introduced in late 2023, the Xero C1 Pro radar chronograph has been an instant hit. Measuring just 3.03″ x 2.38″ x 1.36″, the Xero C1 Pro is compact and easy to transport. Using Doppler radar, the Xero C1 Pro accurately records projectile velocities from 100 fps to 5,000 fps, so it works with all kinds of projectiles. Setup is simple and intuitive, thanks to the button-operated design. SEE FULL RecoilWeb Review.

Garmin offers a modern ShotView™ smartphone app and lets you compare velocities for all shots fired, track ES/SD, and record total sessions. The rugged Xero C1 Pro chrono has a IPX7 water-resistant rating and boasts up to 6 hours of battery life. The unit ships with a compact tripod mount, and the screen is described as “sunlight-visible, transflective, monochrome” so it is easy to view in all conditions.

Above is a recent video review from our friends at Area 419. This review confirms that the Garmin is very reliable, extremely easy to set-up, and the provided Smartphone App works great. User reports have been very positive, and our testers note that the Garmin works better on air rifles than the original LabRadar.

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February 3rd, 2024

Good Book for Maintenance and Repair of AR-15 Type Rifles

AR-15 gunsmithing maintenance setup repair book patrick sweeney

AR owners know that their black rifles require regular cleaning and maintenance. And this modular platform allows many options for stocks, fore-arms, and optics mounting. That ability to customize is one of the AR’s major attractions, but customization requires solid understanding of the AR’s design and components.

To help AR owners optimize their rifles and maintain their rifles properly, Gun Digest Media publisihes a 320-page illustrated book: AR-15 Setup, Maintenance and Repair. Authored by Patrick Sweeney, this book is a “one-stop guide to repairing, maintaining and modifying America’s favorite rifle.” The current publisher price for the book is $29.50 from Gun Digest, but it is available “used like new” on Amazon for $24.15* in paperback. Digital editions are offered by GunDigest for $27.99.

Note, if you are interested in the book, there is a substantial 40+ page FREE sample available on the Amazon site. You can see the entirety of the first two chapters from the Kindle digital version. CLICK HERE to visit and then click on the button labeled “Read Sample” below the cover image.

AR-15 gunsmithing maintenance setup repair book patrick sweeney

AR-15 gunsmithing maintenance setup repair book patrick sweeneyAR Set-Up and Maintenance
If you need to disassemble and maintain your AR rifle, swap barrels or handguards, add optics, or customize the stock, Gun Digest’s AR-15 Setup, Maintenance and Repair book tells you what you need to know. From field-stripping to barrel mounting and trigger installations, the book covers a wide range of topics. The book provides step-by-step instructions for set-up and maintenance, with hundreds of detailed photos. The book also includes AR gunsmithing chapters with reviews of recommended tools.

Author Patrick Sweeney is a certified master gunsmith and armorer instructor for police departments. Sweeney has also authored the notable 4-volume Gunsmithing the AR-15 series (Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3, and Vol. 4) and 20+ other titles for Gun Digest Books.

Whether you want to learn about disassembling your AR for regular maintenance, field-stripping, swapping out parts, adding optics or customizing a stock, AR-15 Setup, Maintenance and Repair guides you through everything you need to know to keep your AR-platform rifle running well. There are also tips on how to improve accuracy, and maintain your bolt carrier group properly.

• Hundreds of detailed photos
• Step-by-step maintenance & repair
• Accessories & modifications
• Tips, tools & techniques

Authored by Patrick Sweeney
Published by Gun Digest Books
ISBN-13: 978-1951115470
320 pages, softcover, 8 ¼ x 10 7/8 inches

Editor’s NOTE: The key to keeping an AR running reliably is proper lubrication (in the RIGHT places), and regular cleaning of the bolt carrier and bolt, including ejector recess and extractor recess. The majority of non-functioning ARs we’ve seen had gunk, lube, carbon, and brass shavings in those recesses.

Other AR Books by Patrick Sweeney
AR-15 gunsmithing maintenance setup repair book patrick sweeney

Bonus Video — AR15 Maintenance with Jerry Miculek

In this helpful video, legendary shooting Jerry Miculek explains how he cleans and maintains his AR-platform rifles. Miculek shoots ARs in three-gun competitions.

* Current new price on Amazon is $33.47 with free shipping for total orders over $35.00.

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February 3rd, 2024

Early Season Rebates from S&W, Beretta, SIG Sauer, and Walther

Factory Rebate Savage Thompson Center T/C rifle gunsafe winchester hornady ammo ammunition

It’s February already and 2024’s first notable gun rebates have arrived. Leading gun-makers are offering big REBATES on products. These promotions can save you $50-$75 on a S&W revolver purchase, $50-$100 off a Beretta pistol, and up to $200 store credit on a SIG optics ready pistol. In addition, you can get a FREE compact gun safe with a qualifying Walther pistol. Find other current rebates on the Rebate Page.

Smith & Wesson $50-$75 Revolver Rebate

smith wesson s&w revolver wheelgun $50 pistol rebate 2024

Wheelgun Wonderland Rebate — Get up to a $75 rebate when you purchase a qualifying new S&W revolver. Get $50 Rebate on a J-Frame revolver or get a $75 Rebate on K-Frame, L-Frame, N-Frame or Govenor revolvers. CLICK HERE for Rebate Explanation Video. Rebate EXPIRES 4/30/2024.

Beretta APX A1 Pistol Rebate $50 or $100

Beretta APX X1 pistol rebate 2024
Beretta APX X1 pistol rebate 2024

Beretta APX A1 Rebates — Get $50 back when you buy any APX A1 Carry pistol or get $100 back when you buy an APX A1 full size, compact, or compact tactical pistol. Rebates EXPIRE 3/31/2024.

Credit in SIG Sauer Webstore with Pistol Purchase

SIG Sauer optics ready pistol rebate 2024

SIG Sauer RX Webstore Credit Promo — Buy any qualifying SIG Sauer optics-mounted pistol and get up to $200 in SIG webstore credit. $50 credit with sales to $649.99. $100 credit with sales $650.00 – $1249.99. $200 Credit with sales $1250.00 and up. Rebate EXPIRES 3/31/2024.

Free Compact Gun Safe with Walther Pistol Purchase

Walther lock box gun safe pistol rebate 2024

Buy any Walther P22, CCP, WMP, or PD380 pistol and receive a Hornady Treklite Lock Box XXL. Buy any PDP, PDP Steel Frame, PPK, PPK/S, or Q-Series Steel Frame and receive a Hornady One-Gun Keypad Vault. This promotion does NOT include LE models, VIP & IOP Discounts. Rebate EXPIRES 4/30/2024.

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