July 21st, 2007

Berger 35gr 20-Cal Bullets on Sale

Now through the end of July, MidwayUSA has the Berger 35gr hollowpoint varmint bullets on sale. These are excellent .204-caliber projectiles. They are very accurate, with more consistent dimensions than many other varmint bullets. With a wide meplat, the Berger 35s provide reliable expansion in the target. You’ll like these bullets in your 20-222, .204 Ruger, 20 Tactical or 20 Vartarg. MidwayUSA customer C. Benson from Colorado reports: “After trying the Hornady V-max bullets with 100 yard groups 1″ or more, I ordered a new barrel, reamer and headspace gauge. While waiting for the new barrel & reamer I decided to try the Berger bullets. I was very pleased with the Berger 35 grain bullets. Groups were cut in half with the same powders with some powders the groups were even less, in the .3s I will be shooting Bergers from now on!”

Berger bullets 205 20 caliber 35gr Varmint

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