June 17th, 2008

Shelley Davidson, Great Innovator, Passes Away

We are very sad to announce that Texas shooter, Shelley Davidson, passed away this morning. He had cancer. Shelley was a great individual, and one of the most innovative and creative spirits we’ve ever seen in sport of Benchrest. In our conversations with Shelley, he was always full of interesting new ideas and concepts. And he always had a positive, forward-thinking attitude. He wasn’t satisfied with the status quo and was always thinking about new ways to “build a better mousetrap”. Butch Lambert notes, “you may remember Shelley as the builder of the Tinker Toy rifle. He developed the tuner that my company sells. Shelley really pushed the 30BR and its off-springs. He tried opposing magnets on the end of his barrels, he used an electric motor with a sensor to operate his powder measure, and many other things.”

Shelley Davidson’s Tinker Toy Rifle

Shelley will be missed but not forgotten. He was a credit to the sport, and we feel privileged to have been able to show some of Shelley’s innovations to the world.

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