October 15th, 2008

Pacific Tool & Gauge Provides Bolt Components for Phoenix Actions

Phoenix rifle actionsGlen Harrison, designer/creator of the original Nesika actions, now has a new Montana-based company, Phoenix Machine Technologies. In time, Harrison plans to produce a full series of high-grade custom actions, using state-of-the-art CNC machining. Currently, Phoenix has been producing CNC-crafted Remington-clone actions. These seem to be working very well and are being used by GA Precision and other top gunsmiths.

Current Phoenix Machine production receivers are Remington 700 derivatives that utilize Remington-style bolts and are being manufactured in long, short and M7 lengths. Teaming up with Dave Kiff of Pacific Tool & Gauge (PT&G), Harrison will offer a selection of custom bolt components made by PT&G. This allows the owner of a Phoenix action to fit out the finished action in many ways. Want a colored bolt shroud? No problem. You can also a choose variety of fluting styles, and pick from a selection of PT&G-crafted bolt handles. There are many action-makers offering Rem-clone style receivers in chrome-moly or stainless steel. With the wide variety of bolt components offered by PT&G, the Phoenix action offers the action-buyer an impressive array of optional features.

For more information about Phoenix Machine Technologies, LLC, call (406) 756-2727 or write 36 Jellison Lane, Suite B, Columbia Falls, MT 59912. Email inquiries may be sent to Lisa [at] boltactions.net.

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