June 16th, 2021

CMP Now Offers 3×600 Mid-Range Local Match Sanctioning

CMP 3x600 midrange mid-range match certification

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has added Mid-Range 3×600 events to its list of local club matches that can be CMP-sanctioned. For the new sanctioned Mid-Range 3×600 matches, clubs may choose to have service rifle and/or match rifle categories. The match and service rifle classifications will be the same used in across-the-course competitions. The rifles used can include Service Rifles, High Power Match Rifles, AR Tactical Rifles, and F-Class Rifles (both F-TR and F-Open).

The CMP notes: “With the 3×600 match, various rifles can compete side by side. Service rifles, match rifles and AR tactical rifles shoot at the regular MR1 600-yard targets. F-Class rifles shoot at the MR-1FC, which is an F-Class target. Scoring rings are similar, making it more difficult, with individuals shooting off of rests and/or bipods.”

CMP 3x600 midrange mid-range match certification

Match sanctioning allows CMP Affiliated Clubs to host a number of competitions and clinics, including air rifle, High Power rifle, pistol, rimfire, smallbore rifle and long range disciplines, on their own ranges. CMP’s Long Range program is one of the latest installments to the safety-and-education-based organization and is rapidly growing in popularity.

To sanction a CMP Mid-Range 3×600 event, Affiliated Clubs should visit the CMP Competition Tracker Page. Then click the “Clubs > Sanction Your Club’s Match” option to start a request.

Rifle Specifications for the Mid-Range 3×600 Program:

F-TR (Target Rifle) Classification:
— Rifles chambered for unmodified .223 Rem or .308 Winchester (or NATO equivalents) are permitted.*
— Maximum rifle weight is 18.25 pounds (w/the bipod attached).
— The only front support allowed is a bipod. A sandbag may be used under the rear of the stock.
— Rifles with a 24-inch barrel or longer will suffice. Heavy-barreled factory guns are allowed.

F-Open Classification:
— Open rifles can be chambered for any cartridge up to .35 caliber.
— Rifles must weigh no more than 22 pounds, have a maximum fore-end width of three inches and can be shot using a front tripod rest and separate rear sandbag.
— Rifles may be fired from an adjustable front rest (such as benchrest shooters use), plus a rear sandbag.
— Rifles must be fired from the shoulder, and rail guns are not allowed.

AR Tactical Rifle:
— .223 Rem or .308 Win AR-platform only
— 20-inch max barrel length
— 15-power scope
— Bi-pod or ruck-sack rear rest may be a bag without ears (tactical front rests, such as Harris-type bipods and limited rear rests one might find used in military or police tactical situations).
— There are additional requirements for the AR Stock and grip. **

Other CMP-Sanctioned Match Offerings
The CMP also offers match sanctioning for Long Range 1000-Yard Match, Long Range Palma Match, F-Class Long Range Match, F-Class Palma Match and F-Class 3×600 Match. Learn more about CMP sanctioned matches and clinics at https://thecmp.org/clubs/clinics/.

* The CMP Press release also includes this reference for F-TR: “Rifles may be chambered for any cartridge, not exceeding .308 inches in diameter and not less than .224 inches in diameter.” We don’t know what to make of that statement. Normally F-TR is limited to .223 Rem (5.56x45mm) or .308 Win (7.62x51mm) only. And this would contradict the first part of the CMP class specification.

** The “Tactical” (Military or Police) butt-stock and cheek-piece must be symmetrical (ambidextrous) and in line with the centerline of the bore. The butt-plate must be vertical (perpendicular to the centerline of the bore). The length-of-pull of the stock may be adjustable. Butt-stocks that allow other adjustments, such as the cheek-piece height or butt-plate location, will be allowed. The stock may or may not have a pistol grip. If the stock has a pistol grip, it may not be designed to support the bottom of the trigger hand (hand rest) or extend more than six inches below the centerline of the bore.

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