May 10th, 2007

Lapua 6.5×47 Factory Ammo Tests

Robert Whitley provides this report on Lapua’s new factory-loaded 6.5×47 ammunition:

Lapua (through sent me some 6.5×47 factory ammo to test out. Recently, I’ve tested it for velocity and accuracy in my MAK repeater Tube Gun (with 1:8.5″ Brux barrel). I can affirm this ammo is outstanding.

Chrono Testing:
100 gr BTHP Scenar, 2846 fps, ES 54, SD 21 (Very mild)
108 gr BTHP Scenar, 3020 fps, ES 12, SD 5
123 gr BTHP Scenar, 2903 fps, ES 11, SD 5
139 gr BTHP Scenar, 2780 fps, ES 25, SD 9

The two bullets that I feel are best for the 6.5×47 Lapua are the 108 and the 123 Scenar. They both gave excellent velocity and chrono numbers, as well as excellent accuracy. With the 139s running close to 2800 fps, that’s a lot of velocity for that big of a bullet in that small of a case. The picture below shows the four different loadings. Left to Right, the 100 gr BTHP Scenar, the 108 gr BTHP Scenar, the 123 gr BTHP Scenar, and the 139 gr BTHP Scenar.

Lapua 6.5x47 factory ammunition

Accuracy Testing:
After the chrono testing, I shot one 10-shot test group (prone with sling and scope) using the Lapua 123gr factory ammo. This produced a 10X clean. For factory ammo, it does not get any better than this! At 2903 fps with an ES of 11 and an SD of 5, this is great. When I can shoot a group like that prone with sling, it tells me the gun is shooting better than 0.5 MOA.

Powder Inspection:
I pulled down some rounds for inspection and measuring. Here’s what I found:

100gr Scenar Ammo: OAL 2.728″, 29.3 gr. of powder
139gr Scenar Ammo: OAL 2.728″, 35.8 gr. of powder
123gr Scenar Ammo: OAL 2.725″, 36.1 gr. of powder
108gr Scenar Ammo: OAL 2.719″, 34.2 gr. of powder

I am not sure what powders Lapua is using in the ammo. The powder in the 100gr and 108gr ammo had a finer grain than that used in the 123gr and 139gr ammo. All of the ammo, from 100 to 139 grains, worked well in my chamber, which was cut with the .160″ freebore reamer listed on the website. The 100gr bullets need to jump a fair amount, but the others only jump around .015″.

lapua 6.5x47 Factory ammunition box

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