May 3rd, 2007

New Bulk 4895 Powder Shoots Great

russian coat of armsGerman Salazar of reports an outstanding batch of 4895 powder is available from Jeff Bartlett’s We aren’t supposed to reveal the country of origin, but the photo may give you a hint.

German says “this stuff hammers, and it works great in both the 6BR and .308 Win. Believe me, this is THE powder, I am very well acquainted with this particular lot. It’s a little slower than IMR 4895, closer to IMR 4320 in my opinion. Compared to Varget, you’ll get a little more load density in the 6BR. For the .308, if you’re shooting something like 47 grains of Varget, it will be hard to get it in. If you’re in the 45.5 to 46.0 range, it will work great.” Bartlett’s 4895 costs just $100 per 8-lb jug (that works out to $12.50 per pound). Hazmat fee is waived on 6-jug orders.

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