May 8th, 2007

Howard Leight Electronic Muffs

Forum Member D. Reever recently acquired a pair of Howard Leight ‘Impact’ noise-cancelling electronic ear muffs. He reports they offer great performance for the price: “I really like these. They take two AAA batteries that are easily accessed through a pop out panel. No struggling like on the Pelitor 6. Off the firing line, while others are shooting, you can easily carry on a conversation while the electronics cancel out the gunfire. Amplification is crisp and clear even at the highest setting. On the firing line, the slim profile of the muffs does not interfere with cheek weld and are comfortable. The 22-decibel rating is a bit low for my liking, but I have found using 29-dba plugs coupled with a slight gain in the electronics allows me to get maximum protection and still hear range commands. In fact, by increasing the volume further I could still hear conversations up and down the firing line. Comfort is definately a plus for all day sessions at the range and these muffs seemed better than average. Comparisons with owners of the Pelitor 6 were more than favorable with many Pelitor 6 owners prefering the Impact muffs over their own.”

howard leight impact electronic ear muff

Howard Leight Impact Muffs have earned rave reviews from customers: “The Impact Sport is the third electronic muff I have owned and it is the best by far. It delivers a solid mix of protection, comfort and price. I’ve worn Howard Leight ear plugs & muffs at work for years. Now they have really blended that hearing protection expertise with features this shooter was looking for. I have already recommended the Impact Sport to several people.”–Will 1002 sells the Muffs for $59.99, item IH-228573.

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