July 7th, 2007

Iceland Benchrest Shooting Videos

AccurateShooter.com reader Birgir Saemundsson from Iceland has created some very nice Benchrest videos, which can be viewed on Google Video. Produced in association with Icelandic Television, the short videos show the whole process of shooting–in an outdoor environment that can only be described as “wild and natural”. Birgir had cameras placed close to the target, so you can actually see a 5-shot group form up, shot by shot. If you’ve never shot sub-quarter MOA before, watch these videos and see how it’s done.

Video 1 (6 min. Intro to Benchrest)

Video 2 (2 min. Shooting and Interview)

Below is an animation we’ve composed from frames in the videos showing H.S. Myndatökur shooting a 6PPC at 100m. Nice shooting, young lady!

Iceland Benchrest video

And here is Birgir Saemundsson shooting his Heavy Gun. Note the muzzle flash:

Iceland Benchrest Video Saemundsson

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