July 6th, 2007

New "Short Dasher": The 6mm BRG

There has been considerable interest in an “improved” 6BR case that retains a longer neck than the Dasher. David Stripling has his 6BR-DX (shown below), with a 40° shoulder and about 2 grains extra capacity. Another wildcat in this mode is the new “6mm BRG”. On Benchrest.com, Plugger posted: “I am now shooting a 6mm BRG. This round was developed by three long range shooters and is based on the 6BR case as is the Dasher. It gives you more capacity than the straight 6BR but a longer neck than the Dasher which should give better barrel life. It is an extremely accurate round that I shoot in 600 and 1000 comp. If you have any interest in this cartridge then talk to Billy Dale of BDR Custom Rifles, (804) 314-6787. Billy was one of the developers of this round and is an excellent gunsmith to boot.”

6mm BRDX 6BR

The 6 BR-DX (0.283 Neck)
The 6BR-DX is an improved version of the 6mm BR Norma cartridge, with a 40° shoulder and a bit less body taper than a Dasher. The shoulder is .462″ (just a couple thousandths bigger than a standard case) and the diameter at the web is .470″. 6BR-DX water capacity is about 39.5 grains. That’s about 1.5-2.0 grains more than a standard 6BR case, depending on your chamber. With the extra boiler room provided by the BRDX, David Stripling can stuff 34+ grains of RL15 into the 6BR-DX, even though the neck, at 0.283″, is just .039″ shorter than a standard BR. With the added capacity, David can launch Berger 88s at nearly 3300 fps, or Berger 95s at 3200 fps.

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