October 30th, 2007

Hoppe's .579" Group — Best Ever at 600 Yards

Here is a photo of Bob Hoppe’s 0.579″ five-shot group shot recently in Sacramento. This is truly an impressive achievement. Bob shot the group with a 6mm Dasher (Light Gun), Varget powder, and Hornady 105-grain Amax bullets. The group isn’t officially certified as a record yet, but I spoke to Don Nielson, an NBRSA Officer, and he believes the group will eventually certify well under 0.6″. “I measured it myself,” Don said, “and Robert deserves to be proud. That’s one heck of a group, and we’re pleased it was shot in an NBRSA match.” Robert’s group represents the smallest 5-shot group ever shot in registered benchrest competition at 600 yards.


NBRSA 600-yard record

To give you a reference, the true size of the inner, white X-Ring is 1.2 inches in diameter. Note: This photo was taken at a inclined angle with a slightly wide-angle lens. That’s why the target circles are slightly distorted. For record purposes the group size is determined by measuring centerpoint to centerpoint of the most distant bullet holes.

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