October 3rd, 2007

Whitley's NEW 6mmAR "Turbo" — 105s at 2850+ fps in AR15

Robert Whitley has developed the very accurate “6mmAR” cartridge based on Lapua 6.5 Grendel brass necked down to 6mm. This round is optimized for the AR15 platform, and provides excellent performance with 105-108gr bullets, with ballistics that beat both the .223 Rem and the 6.5 Grendel. Robert offers complete 6mmAR uppers for the AR platform through his 6mmAR.com website.

Whitley’s INFO PAGE for 6mmAR TURBO

Not content with the success of the plain 6mmAR, Robert has created a new wildcat, the “6mmAR Turbo”. By moving the shoulder forward (while retaining its 30° angle), Robert has designed a case that delivers more velocity. The 6mmAR Turbo can push a 105gr 6mm match bullet to 2850+ fps. This rivals the performance of the larger 6mmBR cartridge, in a round better suited for the AR platform, with less both thrust and better feeding from the magazine.

6mmAR Turbo Whitley

Robert tells us: “I have been testing the ‘6mmAR Turbo’, which is an ‘improved’ version of the 6mmAR. The Turbo definitely has a good bit more speed. For a guy wanting to shoot plain bullets out of an AR-15, it appears somewhere between 2850 -2900 fps for a bullets like the Berger 105 VLD is a realistic number. With moly bullets, probably a bit more is possible. For the chrono work, all bullets were plain (no moly) and I pushed it to see where was a realistic upper end. I think about 2900 fps with naked 105 Bergers is a ‘practical max’. I could probably go to 2950 with plain (non moly) bullets, but I think that would be too hard on the brass.”

6mmAR Turbo Chronograph

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