December 6th, 2007

Upgraded PACT Chronograph with Infrared on Sale

Now that PACT offers an infrared Skyscreen option with its chronographs, we think the PACT is worthy of serious consideration. And now PACT is selling the PACT Professional XP chronograph (with IR kit) for $229.95, as a “Christmas Special”. That’s $40 off normal pricing and PACT throws in a FREE tripod to sweeten the deal.

PACT PRO XP chronograph

Compared to other chronographs, the XP with infrared offers some very nice features:

  • Built-in Printer. (Every chrono should have one.)
  • PC interface lets you upload data to your computer. (Serial cable standard, but you can easily buy a serial to USB for use with laptops.)
  • Built-in ballistic computer. (The chrono has a bullet BC database and uses the BC, with your velocity data, to compute windage and elevation. Cool eh?)
  • With Infrared screen option, the PACT can be used indoors and is far less sensitive to tricky outdoor lighting.
  • Chron display unit has a nice big read-out with easy-to-use controls.

    PACT PRO XP chronograph

    PACT PRO XP chronographWe’ve heard many good things about the competitive CED chronograph with Infrared Screens. The CED also offers a computer interface, and the CED control unit is more compact than the PACT’s control center/printer. But we really like the printing capability of the PACT, and its built-in ballistic program (with bullet database) comes in very handy. Once you have your velocity and zero at 100 yards, the PACT will calculate your come-ups for other yardages. It can even give you windage corrections. With the PACT, once you know your muzzle velocity, you can immediately start shooting at all ranges–you don’t need to drive home to work out your come-ups on the PC, or carry around a PDA with Exbal installed.

    In addition to the Pro XP chrono with IR Kit, PACT is now selling Pro XP with standard (visible light) emitters, for $199.95 as part of the “Christmas Special.” This $199.95 price also includes a free tripod. We definitely recommend spending the extra 30 bucks for infrared capability–it’s well worth it.