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December 31st, 2007

Bargains Galore on "The List"

If you’re looking for a great deal on a “pre-owned” precision rifle, visit Bob White’s Shooter’s Corner website and check out “The List”. Bob maintains a wide selection of used benchrest, varmint, and precision rifles. In fact, Bob offers the largest inventory of used benchrest rifles and equipment in the USA. Along with complete rifles you’ll find accessories, rests, scopes, and reloading tools. Unfortunately “The List” hasn’t been updated recently, so you may want to call Bob White directly to find out the latest offerings: (973) 663-5159; email: shootcnr [@]

Bob White Shooter's Corner

You can find exceptional deals on “The List”, with complete custom-action BR rifles for as little as $1300.00, and Varmint Rifles starting at $500.00. Here are some representative samples (all subject to prior sale):

B10. 6PPC Light Varmint, Borden TPE R/R action w/ejector; Hart 3-groove bbl w/.262 nk, 800 rnds; Jewell 2-oz. trigger; includes Kelbly scope bases; Gunsmith: Borden Accuracy; 99% cond. Former owner J. Borden’s own rifle & very accurate. $2295.

B44. 6PPC HV & Cruiser, R/L Panda action, Lilja HV and Cruiser, and Spencer cruiser bbls all w/.262 nk, 1100 rnds, McMillan F-glass glue-in stock, Jewell 2 oz. trigger, Gunsmith Spencer. Choice components w/bbls to practice & compete. Exc. cond, $1798. w/1 bbl; $150. ea. add’l bbl.

V15. 223 Ackley Cooper, Mod 21 varminter; factory SS bbl, less than 400 rnds; factory wood stock; factory crisp 1½ lb trig; includes scope mnts, 85 loaded ctgs & 40 once fired cases; 98% cond. Great caliber-Great gun-Great deal. Also used Redding dies @ $40. $950. (New value $1200.)

V25. 22 BR Carry Varminter, Rem 700 action, Shilen SS match bbl 24″ cryoed #4 contour w/.247 nk, 400 rnds, factory wood stock w/pillar glassbedding, factory Rem 2-lb trigger, includes Leupold scope mnts and 100 loaded ctgs, Gunsmith: Kelbly, Inc, exc condition. This 7¾ lb beauty gives 4100 fps w/40 grain bullets, $795.

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December 31st, 2007

Leatherman MICRA Multi-Tool — $9 Each (Two or More)

The Leatherman Micra is a versatile, ultra-compact Multi-tool. Not much bigger than a Swiss Army Knife when folded, the Micra may be the ultimate “urban survival tool”. Closed, it is only 2.5″ long, and it weighs just 1.75 ounces. It has knife blade, scissors, nail file, ruler, bottle opener, and both regular screw-driver and flat Phillips heads. You get all that utility in a package that will fit on a keychain! (Be careful though–you can’t carry the Micra on an airplane as it’s not TSA-approved)

Right now the Leatherman Micra is on sale at for just $12.00. Or, if you buy two or more, they are just $9 EACH. That’s a great deal. NOTE: These are surplus items, but they are in “like new condition” according to Wideners. We’ve checked extensively around the web. REI sells new Leatherman Micras for $25.95, and the cheapest price we could find (other than Wideners) was $19.00 per unit.

Leatherman Micra Tool $9 each

Here is a user review from “I put it on my keyring that I carry with me just about everywhere. One place it can’t go is on commercial airlines, since it includes a sharp blade. Probably my favorite tool is the Phillips screwdriver–it works better than most dedicated screwdrivers. The knife and scissors do a great job for light cutting work as well.”

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