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December 28th, 2007

Trigger Control for Service Rifle Shooters

The First Shot, the CMP’s Online magazine, has released a new article by Spc. Tyrel Cooper of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU). In his article, Straight to the Rear, Spc. Cooper describes proper trigger hand and finger positions and how to best “break the shot”.

Cooper explains: “Trigger control is one of the two main principles of shooting that we teach. You can have the best position in the world with perfect sight alignment, but if you have bad trigger control, you have wasted all that effort that you put into your position and sight alignment.”

This well-written article will help anyone who shoots off-hand, or who uses an AR or Spacegun-type rifle with a vertical pistol grip. Here are some more tips:

“Good trigger control begins with a good firing hand position. Place your firing hand high on the pistol grip, with a good firm grip. Grip tension should be like giving someone a hand shake or holding a child’s hand while walking across a street. A good firm grip [helps you] move your trigger finger without moving your other fingers. Try this, hold out your firing hand with fingers extended; now try moving your trigger finger to the rear as if you were pulling the trigger. Unless you concentrate very hard on moving just your trigger finger, other fingers will move. Now make a fist as if you were grabbing a pistol grip, now you can move your trigger finger freely without introducing movement in the other fingers.”

“I’m sure you have heard advice to place the tip or the pad of your finger on the trigger. This is true if you have short stubby fingers and that’s where the index finger naturally rests, but if you have long fingers like myself you want more of your finger around the trigger…. By placing your finger where it naturally rests on the trigger you are ensuring that you are pulling the trigger straight to the rear, and this also allows you to get more leverage on the trigger.”


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December 28th, 2007

Forster Co-Ax Press on Sale

The Forster Co-Ax® Press is the “Cadillac” of reloading presses. If you have any doubts as to how the Co-Ax works, just “ask the man who owns one.” Ace shooter Jerry Tierney has a Forster Co-Ax and he’s found that it produces ammo with less run-out than many other conventional “O”-style presses for threaded dies. The Co-Ax’s spring-loaded shell holder jaws float with the die, allowing cases to correctly center in the die. Dies also snap easily in and out of the jaws so you can change dies in just a couple of seconds. We also like the primer ejection system on the Co-Ax. Primers pass straight down into a cup — no more primers and carbon on the carpet.

If you need power for case sizing, the Co-Ax delivers three times the mechanical advantage of some conventional presses. The Co-Ax’s dual parallel guide-rod design also ensures that the ram movement is straight and smooth throughout the power stroke. With a center-mounted handle, the Co-Ax works equally well for both right- and left-handed reloaders.

Right now the Forster Co-Ax is on sale at both Midsouth Shooters Supply and MidwayUSA for $199.99. That is $23.00 off MidwayUSA’s regular price. MidwayUSA has Co-Ax units in stock (item 265719) and the price is good through 1/31/2008. Midsouth has the units on order for a January delivery.

The standard Co-Ax press accepts any standard 7/8″x14 reloading die, and requires no expensive shell-holders. The standard “S” jaw set fits all common calibers except except: 22 Hornet, 378 Wby., 45-70, 256 Win. Mag., 44 S&W, 416 Rigby, 416 Rem., 45-90 and 348 Win. These calibers can be used if you purchase the optional “LS” Jaws.

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