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December 30th, 2007

Truck-Vault for Secure Rifle Transport

A custom, high-end Benchrest, F-Class, or High Power rifle can cost upwards of $4000.00. Some of the latest scopes (March, Schmidt & Bender) cost $2000-$2800 by themselves. If you’re transporting three or four “ultimate rifles” with premium scopes to the range, you could be hauling $16,000 worth of firearms. Bring along a rangefinder, Co-Axial rest, spotting scope, and chronograph, and that could push the total closer to $20,000.

How do you safeguard that kind of investment (without driving around in a Brinks armored truck)? One of the best storage systems available is the Truck-Vault, built in Washington state. Truck-vaults are custom-fitted, locking storage cabinets that fit in a Pick-up truck bed, SUV, or station wagon. Various designs are available, including a waterproof “Extreme Series.” Both single-drawer and multi-draw layouts are offered with lengths up to 60″ overall, and top-load capacity of 2000 pounds. A variety of interior configurations are available.

For transporting scoped match rifles, we suggest Truck-Vault’s “Magnum Line”, which has two drawers with 10.5″ of vertical clearance. This offers two primary sliding compartments (on roller casters), plus smaller storage boxes where you can keep valuable gear securely out of sight.

Truck-Vaults carry a big price-tag. SUV models start at $1415, but expect to pay closer to $2000.00 for a unit with all the bells and whistles. That’s serious money, but you have to balance that against the cost of the firearms and accessories you are transporting. If you spend much time on the road with a pricey collection of guns, optics, and accessories, a Truck-Vault may be a wise investment. This editor first saw a Truck-Vault on a Chevy Suburban belonging to an Arizona gunsmith who does a lot of work for the military. It was not unusual for him to haul $50,000 worth of Class III weapons. For him, the Truck-Vault was an essential security feature. For more info, visit or call (800) 967-8107.


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December 30th, 2007

Custom Rifles on Forum Classifieds

This recent Forum Classifieds listing from member EdwinD drew our attention. This gives you a chance to pick up near-new precision rifles built by some of America’s most respected gunsmiths. If you’re looking for a custom rifle in the calibers offered, this is a very attractive “For Sale” list:

MATCHING PAIR of BATS built by the professor, Thomas “SPEEDY” Gonzalez:

(1) BAT 3-Lug, RB/LP/RE, Krieger 8-twist HV 28″ spiderweb barrel, Jewell trigger, Robertson LV “SGY” stock, polished butt plate, trigger guard, and action. Grey/silver stock. 6 BRX, .272.

(2) The other rifle is 14-twist, dark blue/pink stock. 6 BRX, .272.

Both rifles are chambered with a no-turn neck, .272, 6 BRX, PT&G gauge reamer. Both rifles are “glue ins” and have been shot less than 100 rounds. $3,000.00 each plus shipping to your FFL.

Ultimate F-Class Rifle by Speedy
Epitome of F-CLASS, Stiller “F-Class” SS #007 action, Krieger 1.25″ straight contour, 8-twist, 28″ spiderweb barrel, Robertson’s F-Class stock Red/Silver vented w/ adjustable comb and pad, glue in, chambered in 6 BRX with .272 no-turn neck. Rifle fired appr. 250 rounds. $3,700.00 plus shipping to your FFL.

Two Rifles built by Richard Franklin:

(1) First rifle is RFD, RB/LP, Douglas 1.25″ straight contour. Polished 10-twist barrel, Jewell trigger, Franklin 008 stock with butt pad beautifully clear coat finished and pillar bedded. Chambered with Richard’s no-turn neck, 6nn P.O. Ackley reamer. Rifle fired appr. 250 rounds

(2) Second rifle is Stiller “Diamondback”, RB/LP, Douglas 1.25″ straight contour, 14-twist polished barrel, Jewell trigger, Franklin “Lowrider” stock with butt pad. Beautifully clear coat finished and pillar-bedded. Chambered with Richard’s no-turn neck, 6mm P.O. Ackley reamer. Rifle fired appr. 310 rounds. $2,700.00 each plus shipping to your FFL.

Pair of rifles built by Jerry Simison/Tony Larson.
Jerry did gunsmithing, metal work, and Tony made and did stock work and finish.

(1) First rifle BAT 2-lug, RB/LP with action lug, Douglas HV. 8-twist barrel, Jewell trigger, Tony Larson Cedar/Carbon Fiber laminated long range stock, polished butt plate, glued in and clear coat finished by Tony. Jerry chambered this rifle with his 6 “COYOTE” reamer (similar to a 6XC). Rifle fired appr. 74 rounds.

(2) Second rifle is BAT 3-Lug, RB/LP/RE, Douglas HV. 8 twist barrel, Jewell trigger, Tony Larson Cedar/Carbon Fiber laminated long range stock, polished butt plate, glue in and clear coat finish by Tony. Jerry chambered this rifle in 6BR with .272″ no-turn neck. Rifle fired appr. 50 rounds. $3000.00 each plus shipping to your FFL.


The seller, EdwinD, says: “ALL of these rifles are pristine and SHOOTERS.”

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