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December 21st, 2007

Neither Snow, Nor Sleet…

… Shall stay the shooter from the delivery of his appointed rounds. Of .308 Winchester that is. Forum member Mike (“TheSilverFox”) from Alberta, Canada, recently went out for some ranging practice with his Clay Spencer-built .308. Despite freezing temps and gusty winds, Mike successfully made hits on targets beyond 800 yards. Exact target distance was unknown and Mike had to range them, using the Mil-marked reticle of his 5-25x56mm Schmidt & Bender scope.

Mike posted a nice report with some great winter-time photos in our Forum. We’ve put that together as a winter shooting “Photo Essay” that you might enjoy. One look at those conditions, and you can feel the chill in your bones.


We have to give credit to Mike for braving the elements. Shooting from the snow-laden bed of a pick-up truck in the dead of winter takes real dedication.

Note to readers: People have been asking for more frequent feature stories on the site. This shows what can be done if readers submit GOOD PHOTOs and a nice storyline. Submit stories to mailbox [at] Keep sample images under 300kb (but save your hi-rez originals!).

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December 21st, 2007

New .270 Bullet Line-Up from Berger

Our friends at Berger Bullets keep coming up with new, high-quality projectiles for precision shooters. Berger has just announced a new line-up of .270-caliber VLD bullets designed for long-range hunters as well as target shooters.

These bullets are available in 130gr VLD, 140gr VLD, and 150gr VLD. Berger. According to Berger: “The VLD design allows the bullet to penetrate 2″ to 3″ through tissue and bone before it starts to expand. Once it begins expansion, the bullet will distribute 60% to 90% of its weight as shrapnel into the surrounding tissue. The delayed expansion causes a massive wound … which puts the animal down fast.”

“The Berger 270 caliber VLD bullets bring match-grade precision and exceptional terminal performance to a very popular hunting caliber,” says Eric Stecker, Berger’s Master Bulletsmith. “I look forward to the day when we hear about a shooter winning a competition with the same rifle and bullet he used to get his buck.”

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